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January 2011

Caldwell Memorial Hospital in Lenoir, NC, Features Works by Stevens Scholarship Winners

The Caldwell Memorial Hospital and the Caldwell Arts Council in Lenoir, NC, is presenting an exhibit of works by artists who received a Stevens Scholarship, on view in the Art in Healing Gallery at Caldwell Memorial Hospital, from Jan. 1 through Mar. 31, 2012.

The Stevens Scholarship was established in 2009 by the Stevens family in honor of their mother, Allene Broyhill Stevens. These scholarships fund fine art workshops at Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff in Boone, NC. Four Caldwell County artists won these scholarships for workshops in 2011, including Jo Moore, Shirley Story, Pamela Smith, and Karen Yost.

Jo Moore says “Private lessons and numerous workshops have kept me chasing my dreams. Whether creating art in watercolor, pastel or acrylics, realism is obviously my style. I have exhibited landscapes and floral paintings at the Caldwell Arts Council, Smokehouse Gallery and the Hickory Museum of Art. I chose the ‘Bold and Vibrant Watercolors’ workshop with Alvarado Castagnet, a brilliant watercolorist from Uraquay, who has done workshops in many countries in the world. He uses a limited palette, rapid brush strokes, and vivid colors. I feel very fortunate to have been in his workshop and hope that I can incorporate some of his ideas in my work.”

Shirley Story says, “The Stevens Scholarship allowed me to take Cheng- Khee Chee’s week-long workshop. He is certainly an international master teacher and painter. He combines techniques from both Eastern and Western schools of art as he has lived in and studied in both parts of the world. He now teaches at the University of Minnesota. He condensed the second half of his semester art course and gave it to us in one week! We spent a day each on learning traditional watercolors, new techniques, marbling, mono-printing, and the use of Oriental paper. Since we were using a totally different technique in watercolor each day it was like having 5 workshops all rolled into one. Since I had recently visited China I had lots of reference pictures from which to work. Now I have learned many new techniques to bring these paintings to life.”

Pamela Smith also took Cheng-Khee Chee’s workshop, and learned many useful tools to move her art to the next level.

Karen Yost selected the Stained Paper Collage Workshop with instructor Gerald Brommer. She said that Brommer, at 84, brought a lengthy background of writing, teaching and painting experience to this workshop. “We produced our own stained materials by painting Japanese Washi papers with watercolor. Every student’s desk and floor was filled with luscious colors. Although I work in many media – oil, acrylic, printmaking, computer art, photography and clay – collage is where I feel most creative. I can respond to the piece as it evolves. An artist grows by experimenting with new techniques and incorporating them into his own work style. That is what happened for me during this week with this master teacher and the room full of fellow artists.”

The Art in Healing Gallery is located just inside the Mulberry Street entrance to Caldwell Memorial Hospital in Lenoir.

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Arts Council at 828/754-2486 or visit (www.caldwellarts.com).


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