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January 2011

Shain Gallery in Charlotte, NC, Features Works by Jay Zinn

Shain Gallery in Charlotte, NC, will present an exhibit of paintings on steel by Jay Zinn, on view from Jan. 1 - 31, 2012.

The love of patterns developing from natural organic materials is what drew Zinn to developing art through the oxidation process on black iron steel. After spending 20 years in décor and illustrative art, he tired of the confining details and began to explore the free-flowing technique of abstract.

As Zinn began to experiment with oxidation patterns of rust on recycled steel, intermingled with colors and design, the possibilities became endless. He applies layer upon layer of oxidized patterns with water, different chemicals, acrylic colors, and glazing, and then finishes it off with four layers of polyurethane to prevent further oxidation and create a beautifully polished piece. No two images are alike because each develops in its own way through Zinn’s creative eye for what pops. The process requires weeks to allow the oxidation and layering effect until the right image occurs. Then complementing colors and layers of glazing are added to flow with what the evolving image demands.

Zinn discovered art on oxidized steel through Mike Elsass, a fellow artist for Penny Lane Publishing, Inc., where he has been licensed since the company’s inception in 1993. Prior to joining this company, he was a published and licensed artist with Arts Uniq’, Inc. Zinn has produced more than 100 images for national and international markets.

Zinn was born in Dayton, OH, and raised in a small farm community. He studied at The Dayton Art Institute, the University of Cincinnati, and the Central Academy of Commercial Art in Cincinnati, OH. Since then, he’s studied privately under Alaskan watercolorist, Byron Birdsall, and abstract artist, Mike Elsass.

Zinn does not dabble in art alone, but is also a family man, published author and writer, chief editor of an international Christian magazine, and the senior pastor of a church in Davidson, NC. He’s been happily married to his wife, Roseann, since 1974, and has two adult children and a granddaughter.

Located in beautiful Myers Park, Shain Gallery has been on the forefront of the North Carolina art scene since 1998. The gallery represents many leading national and regional artists, and was recently voted yet again the “Best of the Best” for best Charlotte gallery.

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 704/334-7744 or visit (www.shaingallery.com).

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