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January 2014

Artspace in Raleigh, NC, Offers Works by Gerry Lynch & Shannon Johnstone

Artspace in Raleigh, NC, will present two new exhibits including: Metal and Paper, featuring works by Gerry Lynch, on view in the Upfront Gallery from Jan. 3 - 15, 2014 and Landfill Dogs, featuring works by Shannon Johnstone, on view in the Lobby Gallery, from Jan. 3 through Feb. 14, 2014. A reception for both exhibits will be held on Jan. 3, from 6-110pm.

Gerry Lynch, who is best known for the robust lines and elegant compositions of her abstract paintings, will exhibit new decorative metal wall sculptures, metal “paintings,” in Metal and Paper.

The shiny surfaces and sharp contours are beautiful studies in reserved color scales. Drawings by Lynch will complement the metal pieces. An intimate space reserved for Artspace Artists Association members, the Upfront Gallery often delights visitors with the impact of the work shown there. Lynch has worked in Raleigh since 1990. She has been painting for over 30 years and has shown her work in galleries in New Jersey, New York, and New Mexico.

Shannon Johnstone’s shelter dog photo portraits series, titled Landfill Dogs, has recently earned national press recognition, including a segment on Diane Sawyer’s World News, Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post. It’s easy to see how she garners the attention, with the beguiling, direct gazes she captures from each of her subjects, the crisp focus and the expertly-crafted compositions. As the artist says in her statement, “These are not just cute pictures of dogs. These are dogs who have been homeless for at least two weeks, and now face euthanasia if they do not find a home. Each week for 18 months (late 2012-early 2014) I bring one dog from the county animal shelter and photograph him/her at the local landfill.”

Johnstone raises money and awareness with this and other photo series, and her artwork transforms a hopeless setting and situation into images of hope. In addition, as part of the process, “each dog receives a car ride, a walk, treats, and about 2 hours of much-needed individual attention.” Profits from the photos sold in this Lobby exhibition will go toward funding the project.

Artspace is a nonprofit visual art center dedicated to providing arts education and community outreach programs, creating an environment of 120 professional artists and presenting nationally acclaimed exhibitions. Located in downtown Raleigh in the historic Sanders Ford building, Artspace has been providing the community with the opportunity to interact with working artists and to participate in hands-on arts education since 1986.

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery listings or visit (www.artspacenc.org).

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