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January 2014

In The Grove
by Rhonda McCanless

It is a common misconception that Seagrove, NC, potters close their doors and take the month of January off. Most potters treat January like any other month of the year. The shops are open, potters are busy working on pots for the new year and they welcome visitors.

Seagrove potters always welcome visitors. That’s one of the great things about Seagrove. Potters are never too busy to say hello and talk with guests about their work. In some shops, visitors can watch a lump of clay take shape as it’s being turned on the wheel. Visitors learn about pottery, get to know the potters and learn about the rich cultural history that makes the community so special.

There are lots of events in and around Seagrove coming up in early 2014. The Seagrove Potters of Historic Busbee Road have a Valentine’s Celebration planned for Feb. 8 and spring kiln openings planned for Apr. 26 and 27. More information can be found at (www.PotteryOfBusbeeRoad.com).

The North Carolina Pottery Center will hold a Mardi Gras Masquerade Fundraiser and $5,000 Draw Down Raffle on Mar. 1 at the Pinewood County Club in Asheboro, NC. Fancy dress and masks are encouraged. More information can be found at (www.NCPotteryCenter.org).

STARworks, located eight miles south of Seagrove in Star, NC, will hold the NC Glassfest on Mar. 15, from 10am to 2pm. North Carolina glass artists will have culinary and functional glass for sale. Visit (www.STARworksNC.org) for more information.

The Celebration of Spring in Seagrove is Apr. 25-27. Seagrove potters will hold kiln openings, studio tours, open houses and more to celebrate spring. For more information, visit (www.DiscoverSeagrove.com).

In between these events and the ones to follow, Seagrove potters will be busy at their wheels, loading and unloading kilns, stocking shelves and welcoming visitors.

Rhonda McCanless is editor and publisher of In the Grove, a monthly newsletter about Seagrove, NC, that focuses on pottery news. Click the link to see the latest issue. Rhonda works full-time for Central Park NC in Star, NC, and can sometimes be found at her husband’s pottery shop, Eck McCanless Pottery, located at 6077 Old U.S. Highway 220 in Seagrove, NC. She can be reached by calling 336/879-6950 336/879-6950 or e-mail to (professional_page@rtmc.net).

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