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January 2014

Woolworth Walk in Asheville, NC, Features Works by Rob Morrill

Woolworth Walk in Asheville, NC, will present Rob Morrill: Photography, on view in the FW Front Gallery from Jan. 2 - 30, 2014. A reception will be held on Jan. 3, from 4-6pm.

Using his hands and his imagination have been Morrill’s passions and combining them as an artist has been a lifelong dream. Starting with a used bellows camera at the age of 10 followed over the years by other hand-me-downs, and finally with the purchase of his own new equipment, he has always “liked to take pictures.” Although friends and family would give him good marks for his pictures, he needed an independent test. About halfway through his veterinary career he entered four images, showing wildlife and natural settings, into a local contest. To his surprise, two won first places and a third received an honorable mention!

Another camera (once again given to him) has nudged Morrill into the digital world. Now, being able to control the entire process, he has gotten serious about his photography. Over the past seven years he has developed a portfolio of over 800 images with a diverse subject matter but leaning towards nature scenes.

Morrill started printing glossy images that were printed, matted and framed in a somewhat traditional manner but has recently developed a more unique method of printing on canvas and then “floating” the prints against a black background, to enhance the presence of the image and then a frame around everything. No glass means nothing interferes with experiencing the image! And, by coating the canvas, there should be no fading for 85+ years (according to Wilhelm Research).

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings or call the gallery at 828/254-9234.

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