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December 2011

Charleston County Public Library in Charleston, SC, Features Works by Vanessa Kauffmann

Charleston County Public Library in Charleston, SC, will present the exhibit, Spirit of the Lowcountry, featuring photographs by Vanessa Kauffmann, on view in the Saul Alexander Foundation Gallery, from Dec. 1 - 31, 2011.

Kauffmann was born in Durban, South Africa, but for over 20 years her home has been Charleston. A passionate photographer, she quickly developed a deep appreciation for the beauty and diversity of the lowcountry. Asked what inspires her, she says; “I think it is the challenge of identifying, extracting, and then communicating wonderful things. To find beauty in life and creation, whether in a person, a relationship, or a landscape. It might be the complete innocence of a child, love captured in a look, or the brooding stillness of a storm gathering over the marshes. To then impart this essence to the viewer is my goal and ongoing purpose. It’s the high that keeps me engaged.”

The allure of the lowcountry creeks and marshes with their ever-changing tides and seasons is irresistible, but the footprint of her people completes the picture. Echoes of the past are everywhere. Relics and ruins testify of a rich and tumultuous heritage alongside the vibrancy of daily life today. They tell stories of this land that gave generously of its bounty and the people who loved it. It’s hard to separate the two. Stories of glory, honor, pathos, and shame all inextricably bound together. Find a quiet spot on the banks of a creek, or swing gently under a massive live oak, and you will sense the “Spirit of the Lowcountry.”

For further information check our SC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Library at 843/805-6803 or visit (www.ccpl.org).


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