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December 2013

Crimson Laurel Gallery in Bakersville, NC, Features Group Exhibit of Cups

Crimson Laurel Gallery in Bakersville, NC, is presenting Disaster, Relief, and Resilience: Cup Show, curated by Martina Lantin on view through Dec. 25, 2013.

Clay, at its core, is a product of natural disasters – wind, rain, earthquakes, volcanoes all contribute to the accumulation of clay deposits used the world over. However, as the seasons turn, the impact of humans on the climate of the planet becomes more apparent. The artists in this show have encompassed this breadth with their approaches to the theme. The forces of nature represented in this show go beyond the meteorological to the mysterious. Several makers have incorporated broader issues of environmental impact –droughts, plagues and the colony collapses of bees. Also included are cups that reference the steps we take when forewarned of an impending storm, as well as the acts of nature themselves and their results.

These cups are not intended to make light of the challenges many face following these disasters, but to honor the strength of human nature to persevere. It is important to the Crimson Laurel Gallery and Lantin to ensure that this show will continue the support begun last year for the Craft Emergency Relief Fund (CERF). There are two ways to give – either directly to CERF or through the purchase of a cup that the artist has designated for CERF. It is hoped that the cups presented in this show offer the viewer both humor and poignancy as well as stimulate thought and action.

This year’s cup show will feature 52 artists including: Dean Adams, Nicole Quillano, Linda Arbuckle, Mary Barringer, Hayne Bayless, Peter Beasecker, Jessica Broad, Jason Bige Burnett, Rob Cartelli, Ben Carter, Pattie Chalmers, Steven Colby, Sunshine Cobb, Sam Chung, Heather Jo Davis, Staci DeBolt, Chandra DeBuse, Josh Deweese, Michael Douglas, Mark Errol, Jana Evans, Julia Galloway, Rachel Garceau, Andrew Gilliatt, Bryan Hopkins, Matt Hyleck, Brian Jones, Shasta Kreuger, Martina Lantin, Leah Leitson, Simon Levin, Jeffrey Lipton, Roberta Massuch, Kirk Mangus, Candice Menthe-Hess, Megan Mitchell, Brooke Noble, Kip O’Krongly, Sean O’Connell, Linsay Oesterritter, Dandee Pattee, Joanna Powell, Ronan Kyle Peterson, Justin Rothshank, Emily Schroeder Willis, Albion Stafford, Josh Stover, Brian Taylor, Sue Tirrell, Mikey Walsh, Adero Willard and gwendolyn yoppolo.


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