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February Issue 2005

Catherine J. Smith Gallery in Boone, NC, Features Printmaking Exhibitions

The Catherine J. Smith Gallery in Boone, NC, is pleased to announce two new exhibitions, International Ink: Two Exhibitions of Current Developments in Printmaking, featuring Recent works by Keith Howard and Contemporary Prints from Pakistan, on view through Mar. 2, 2005. Appalachian State University faculty members Scott Ludwig, Ali Raza, and Jody Servon organized these exhibitions.
Both of the exhibitions included in International Ink provide insights into contemporary printmaking from around the globe. The printmakers participating in International Ink employ both traditional and non-traditional techniques making these exhibitions truly a celebration of all forms of printmaking. In addition to the solo exhibition of prints by Keith Howard, the artists included in Contemporary Prints from Pakistan are: Zaira Ahmand, Samina Iqbal, Atif Khan, Naiza Khan, Sameera Khan, Afshar Malik, Laila Rehman, Anwar Saeed, Fatima Saeed, and Nazish Ata Ullah.

The medium of printmaking is experiencing a contemporary renaissance and Keith Howard is at the forefront of this revolution. Printmaking has had a long history of toxicity, however this has changed in the last decade. Howard's tireless research into non-toxic methodologies and alternatives to photogravure has sparked great interest in the medium broadening its appeal to a wider audience.
With the advent of new photopolymer films, images may be processed without the use of traditional photochemistry, and plates can be printed without using potentially dangerous, caustic mordants. All the traditional techniques associated with printmaking including monotype, aquatint, drypoint, etc., can still be utilized and combined with drawing, photography, collage, or even digital media as a means of producing a visually dynamic image.
Scott Ludwig, co-organizer of the exhibition states, "It's a great time to be a printmaker and Keith is one of the people we can thank for this. The real beauty in this process lies in the fact that you truly 'mix it up!'"
Included in the exhibition on the first floor of the gallery are over a dozen large-scale works on paper. Howard's work invites deeper investigation into his rich mark making and luxurious textures. Many of the works incorporate his painterly use of ink with drawn lines and photographic imagery.
Howard was born in 1950 in Sydney Australia. He received a Painting Diploma from the National Art School at East Sydney Technical College and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education at Sydney Teachers College in Australia. Howard earned a Masters in Studio Art from New York University in New York City. Currently, he is head of the Printmaking and Research in the School of Art at Rochester Institute of Technology in upstate New York. Previously, he founded the Canadian School for Non-Toxic Printmaking at Grand Prairie Regional College in Alberta, Canada.

In 1998, Howard's research led to the publishing of the text, Non-Toxic Intaglio Printmaking, which revived interest and raised the consciousness of printmakers worldwide regarding safe practice of the medium. In 2003, Keith published his third text, The Contemporary Printmaker that expanded upon emerging technologies and included information on working with the new, Dupont ImageOn Ultra film.
Installed on the second floor of the Catherine J. Smith Gallery is a group exhibition focusing on the work of contemporary Pakistani printmakers. The works traveled to Appalachian State University from High Point Center for Printmaking in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Contemporary Prints from Pakistan offers a unique opportunity to experience works rarely seen in the United States.
Contemporary Prints from Pakistan features over thirty works by artists from different regions of Pakistan, reflecting the visual and methodological diversity of the Pakistani art world. This show presents pioneer artists: Anwar Saeed, Naiza Khan, Nazish Ata Ullah, Afshar Malik and Laila Rehman with relatively young printmakers including Atif Khan, Samina Iqbal, Sameera Khan and Fatima Saeed.
Through their use of a variety of printmaking techniques mixed with cultural content, the works in the exhibition highlights some contemporary issues as seen through the eyes of these ten artists. The works bring forth numerous questions for viewers to ponder, such as: How do these artists link Pakistani post-colonial identity with the South Asian multicultural past? How do they respond to the contemporary issues of art world? What are the concerns of women artists while living in a male-dominated society?
The history of printmaking in Pakistan is older than the country's birth yet the environment for printmaking in current day Pakistan is not as conducive as it is in the US. Nevertheless, our world has moved into a period of global idea exchange and this exhibition presents a provocative discussion of art and culture. "This show is a modest effort to introduce the contemporary issues and ideas of South Asian Pakistani artists to the local audience and especially to the students of ASU," states co-organizer of the exhibition Ali Raza.
Additional prints from Pakistan will be on view from Feb. 15 through Apr. 30, 2005 at the Center for Craft, Creativity and Design, A Regional Inter-institutional Center of the University of North Carolina in Hendersonville, NC.

The gallery is presenting several public programs in conjunction with the exhibitions, including:
Feb. 3, 2005, at 4pm - Appalachian State University faculty member Ali Raza leads a gallery talk on the Contemporary Prints from Pakistan exhibition. Feb. 25, 2005, at 4pm - Exhibiting artist Keith Howard leads a gallery talk on his recent works on view at 4 PM.

Exhibitions and events sponsored in part by: College of Fine and Applied Arts, Equity Office, Office of Diversity, Office of International Programs, and the Office of Multicultural Student Development.
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