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February Issue 2005

Gallery 202 in Greenville, SC, Offers Works by William Boling

Gallery 202 in Greenville, SC, has announced that it will feature what may be the first of its kind in Greenville, the exhibition entitled, Pylon a Typology by William Boling. The exhibition will be on view through Apr. 7, 2005.

"We are taking a new approach for art in Greenville with this show," commented David Starzec, Gallery 202 owner. "Our effort in showing a typology such as this is to have the viewer appreciate simple objects, their surroundings and placement in our lives. We encourage all attending to recognize and appreciate William Boling's awareness and artistic effort."

A typology is commonly defined as the study or systematic classification of types that have characteristics or traits in common. Boling worked on the study from 1997 until 2004, and photographed pylons in different settings all over the world. Starzec curated the show, which features 35 original images. The images have been produced as Archival IRIS Prints and show in a typological format.

Boling studied drawing and painting at Georgia State University and L'Ecole Des Beaux Arts in Rennes, France. For the past ten yeas, he has extensively worked with photography, primarily concentrating on building typological works that examine ephemeral artifacts and situations.

"I like straight photography, there is a thoroughness about it that I relate to. I also like the hard objectivity of conceptual and minimalist art and Zen. I am drawn increasingly to the parts of my visual world that you might say present 'the last thing' anyone would want to photograph. My work has often devoted attention to themes of display, transience and 'object-language' in the landscape. When taken as a whole, the pictures in a typology form a kind of language and visual narrative," remarked Boling.

Originally, pylons were monumental gateways to ancient Egyptian temples, either a pair of tall, truncated pyramids with a doorway between them or a masonry mass pierced by a doorway. Today, pylons are typically thought of as the ubiquitous construction cones that people come across every day in a variety of situations.

For more info check our SC Commercial Gallery listings, call 864/298-2847 or (www.gallery202.com). For further info about the artist, visit (www.williamboling.com).

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