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February Issue 2011

311 West Martin Street Gallery and Studios in Raleigh, NC, Offers Works by Gayle Stott Lowry

311 West Martin Street Gallery and Studios in Raleigh, NC, are presenting the exhibit, Passing Through: New Paintings by Gayle Stott Lowry, on view through Feb. 28, 2011. The exhibition includes richly painted, precarious and provocative terrains from the American west.

Lowry offers the following statement about this exhibit, "We frequently move through our lives traversing easy paths on level ground or sometimes gaining momentum on downhill slopes. At other times we struggle to establish a foothold on rocky, uphill terrain. During the arduous passages, we might stumble, hesitate or retreat. We attempt to gather the strength and resources to move forward. Where we are heading? Why is this path so difficult? What is to be gained from this passage? Will we know the answer once we're further down the path?"

"These transitions between divergent places test us," Lowry continues. "At first, our resistance to change and uncertainty seems ingrained. The future is obscure. All we can hold onto is this current moment in our existence. Acceptance of and engagement with the context of our lives is our starting point. Acknowledgment of the infinitesimal nature of human existence and the relevance of life, no matter how brief, opens the way. We are all part of an ever-moving, ineffable process. Trust that process and know that the only certainty is that we are moving toward what awaits us. We are passing through this life that we call ours."

Lowry's work is collected nationally by individuals and corporations alike and has been acquired by the North Carolina Museum of Art. She studied Art and Primary Education at East Carolina University. Lowry continued her studies of painting with Wolf Kahn and Sidney Goodman and was awarded a Residency at the Vermont Studio Center. Her art has been exhibited in shows at Meredith College, Duke University, the Fayetteville Museum of Art, the University of Virginia, and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She has also presented lectures at the Lucy Daniels Foundation, the Duke Museum of Art, the Mint Museum of Art, the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, the Asheville Art Museum, and the Los Angeles Psychoanalytic Institute.

311 West Martin Street Galleries and Studios is located in the Warehouse District of Raleigh, including gallery spaces, tenant studios, and a print studio. The exhibition spaces feature the work of tenant artists and alternately, that of emerging artists as well as some of Raleigh's favorite established artists. The Print Studio, established by printmaker Judy Jones is located in the back of the facility. Starting out as a private studio space it has evolved into a common studio for tenant printmakers and a meeting place for The North Carolina Printmakers.

For further information checkour NC Commercial Gallery listings, call 919/821-2262 or visit (www.311galleriesandstudios.org).


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