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February Issue 2011

Adam Cave Fine Art in Raleigh, NC, Offers Exhibit Spanning 150 Years

Adam Cave Fine Art in Raleigh, NC, will present the exhibit, 100 Plus Years of the Human Story as Seen Through the Eyes of Artists, featuring works on paper dating back 150 years and including some of the biggest names in Art History: Mary Cassatt, James McNeil Whistler, Paul Cezanne, Robert Kipness, William Barnett and Romare Bearden to name a few. The exhibit will be on view from Feb. 4 through Mar. 19, 2011.

The exhibit includes over twenty-five works on display and for sale spanning the decades since the late 19th Century with styles ranging from the Turn of the Century Impressionism and French Belle Époque, 1940's American Realism reminiscent of the WPA, as well as more recent contemporary cubist and pop styles.

Realism dominates this show of mostly original printmaking full of fashionable ladies, family relationships, work life and leisure time as well as nostalgic images of rural farming and the growth of industry. All of the etchings, drypoints, engravings, wood block prints and lithographs in the exhibit come from private collections and have not been shown publicly before. Although there is a focus on original prints, the show has an immense variety of styles that reflect the changes in art and aesthetics over the 20th Century and might be looked at like a mini Art History survey course.

On one end is the delicate, fluid line work in the drypoint of a mother and child, Looking in the Hand Mirror by the ex-patriot American impressionist Mary Cassatt. Although influenced by fellow French Impressionists as well as earlier Japanese woodblock prints, Cassatt's focus on women and children was fresh in 1905. Jump forward 80 years and you find the bold, stylistic lithographs of African American artist Romare Bearden, a North Carolina native. One can clearly see the influences of African art as well as cubist collage by the likes of Picasso in Beardens lithograph Firebirds.

The late 19th Century is well represented with works by Whistler, Somm, Cassatt, Tissot and Cezanne. Highlights from the 30's and 40's include lithographs by Harry Sternberg and Gordon Grant as well as a pin and ink drawing of Rockwell Kent. Later pieces by Romare Bearden, Robert Kipness and William Barnett demonstrate a revival in printmaking that took place in the 1970s and 80s.

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 919/272-5958 or visit (www.adamcavefineart.com).


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