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February Issue 2011

Center for Craft, Creativity & Design in Hendersonville, NC, Exhibit on Sustainability

The Center for Craft, Creativity & Design in Hendersonville, NC, is presenting the exhibit, WNC Models of Sustainability in Craft Making, on view through Apr. 22, 2011. The exhibition will feature eight studio craft artists working in residence at EnergyXchange (EE), located in Burnsville, NC, and Jackson County Green Energy Park (JCGEP), located in Sylva, NC.

Both EnergyXchange and Jackson County Green Energy Park are national models that use methane gas from capped landfills along with other alternative energy sources to fuel ceramic kilns, glass furnaces and blacksmithing workstations as well as greenhouses. These organizations serve as business incubators for the artists who are in residence and for the plant growers, utilizing these renewable resources to provide economic development as well as business learning opportunities.

The Center for Craft, Creativity & Design hopes to bring attention to these two unique and forward-thinking organizations by providing information on the types of renewable resources they use in the craft studios and exhibiting works by artists who are using these resources and processes. Craft mediums are not all inherently "green," therefore it is important to have organizations such as EnergyXchange and Jackson County Green Energy Park who are focused specifically on developing green and sustainable practices, as well as providing business models that are pertinent in the 21st century.

Artists in residence featured from JCGEP are: Clayton Hufford (glass), Hayden Wilson (glass & metal), Julie Boisseau (mixed media) and Laurey Masterton (glass). Artists in residence featured from EE are: Lisa Gluckin (clay), Joy Tanner (clay), Michael Hatch (glass), and William Baker (clay).

Hayden Wilson's cast aluminum sculptures, which were created using the foundry at the Green Energy Park, which is possibly one of the first methane fueled furnaces to exist. Wilson melts recycled metal down and casts it into new forms that are abstracted and folded. He states, "The idea of using the byproduct of our community's waste to power the furnace to achieve this is such an amazing idea. This furnace works as well as any I have used over the years and I see no reason why the foundry community shouldn't embrace this technology in the future."

From EnergyXchange, Joy Tanner creates hand built and wheel thrown functional pottery. She is participating in a three-year residency program at EnergyXchange and she currently focuses on the use of the new wood kiln at EnergyXchange that was built to use the wood waste that comes into the landfill.

Tanner incorporates subtle details that she observes in nature, such as "the way a leaf is connected to its stem, the variation in ripples of water, or the tones of shadows and filtered light. This interplay between repetition and variation through the use of line, texture and depth continually brings new discoveries to my work in clay."

A moderated panel discussion will take place on Wednesday, Mar. 16, 2011, from 7-8pm at UNC Asheville in Owen Conference Hall in Asheville, NC. Panel Participants are Dee Eggers, Professor of Environmental Studies at UNCA, Dan Asher, Executive Director of EnergyXchange, Tim Muth, Executive Director of Jackson County Green Energy Park, Hayden Wilson, Artist in Residence at Jackson County Green Energy Park, and William Baker, Artist in Residence at EnergyXchange.

The mission of the Center for Craft, Creativity and Design is to advance the understanding of craft by encouraging and supporting research, scholarship and professional development. Visitors are invited to walk the Perry N. Rudnick one-mile nature and public art trail following a visit to the exhibition in the Craft Center galleries.

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Center at 828-890-2050 or visit (www.craftcreativitydesign.org).


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