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February Issue 2011

ChathamArts Gallery in Pittsboro, NC, Features Works by Anne Bigelow, Sharon Blessum and Lynette Russell

ChathamArts Gallery in Pittsboro, NC, will present the exhibit, Influences from the Wider World, featuring the work of jewelry artist Anne Bigelow, photographer and poet Sharon Blessum and paper artist Lynette Russell, on view from Feb. 3 through Mar. 27, 2011.

Anne Bigelow has traveled extensively throughout the world. Her designs in stone and silver are shaped by the influences of diverse cultures. "The stones and metals in my hands tell me what to make of them. Some necklaces are delicate and refined. Some are wild and demand to be noticed. All are unique. I never duplicate myself. That is the satisfaction and fun of making distinctive jewelry to enhance a woman's face."

Sharon Blessum grew up under the prairie skies of North Dakota. "The luminous canopy at day and play of Northern Lights at night fed my ethereal nature. My soul joins the sacred conversation through a visual process involving camera and computer, and a verbal process of words flowing from an internal landscape." Her work for this show at the ChathamArts Gallery is entitled The Medicine Wheel.

Lynette Russell, after retiring from her profession as a nurse-midwife has studied paper and book making at Penland School of Crafts for the past nine years. Having lived in other countries for 17 years her understanding of the development of paper and the evolution of book forms has been influenced by many cultures. "I find the process of creating a transforming experience. It is enlightening to use hand tools and skills that are not used much in today's world. The personal interaction with basic materials gives special meaning and value to the creation. It imparts a bit of the soul of the maker. Making books and other paper arts is a wonderful adventure that enhances my life, and hopefully those of others."

ChathamArts Gallery provides a year round home to fifty North Carolina artists with the work of featured artists being displayed for 2 month exhibitions.

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, call the gallery at 919/542-4144 or visit (www.chathamarts.org).


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