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February Issue 2011

Colleton Center & Colleton County Museum in Walterboro, SC, Offers African American Art Exhibits

The Colleton Center and the Colleton County Museum in Walterboro, SC, are presenting the exhibit, Colleton's African American Art Project Exhibition, which consist of three exhibits featuring the works of fabric artist Marlene Seabrook and oil on canvas artist Leroy Campbell, on view at the Colleton Center, and Africans and the Americans, on view at the Colleton County Museum. All three exhibits will be on view through Feb. 28, 2011.

Dr. Marlene Seabrook is a fabric/fiber artist who, "weaves powerful stories and images into her quilts. A graduate of the Avery Institute, she retired after a 30-year career in education. She lectures on African American quilting, conducts workshops, exhibits nationally and is featured in several books on quilting and design."

Mr. Leroy Campbell is also a renowned artist whose works have been displayed in numerous venues both nationally and internationally. Campbell is a native of the great state of South Carolina (Charleston) and currently has recent works on display at the NYC House of Art in the US Embassy in Turkey, Brooklyn, NY, New Orleans, and Orlando. He uses a variety of media to depict his story of African Americans. Dr. Campbell's works have been shown globally with long and multiple showings at well known museums across the country including the Simthsonian.

The Colleton Museum will feature a display that focus on the life and times of persons of African descent, Africans and the Americans, that focus on the kidnapping of Africans from their native soil to the selling of this "human cargo" on the continents of North and South America.

The exhibitions also will offer collaboration between all schools in the Colleton County area. All private and public schools will be offered the opportunity to bus their children to the Colleton County Museum and the Colleton Center to view the works of renowned artists-without any viewing cost to students.

The exhibitions will also work to attract some of the many quilting clubs and organizations from across the state. There are approximately 35 quilting clubs across the state as listed on (www.quiltguilds.com) and does not include any quilting clubs, guilds, or organizations in the Colleton County area. The Colleton County quilting guilds/clubs will be asked to take the lead in inviting other guilds, clubs, and organizations in the State.

The purpose of the Colleton's African American Art Project (CAP) is to establish a means by which the Colleton County, SC, and surrounding counties may be able to participate in the exhibition, programming, workshops, and dialogue associated with the contributions and history of persons of African descent.

The Colleton's African American Art Project (CAP) will offer programs designed to highlight the 2011 Black History Month Recognition in February 2011.

The purpose also is to reach as many of the estimated 40,000 residents of Colleton County to participate in hands on workshops, meeting of artists and authors, and the development of educational programs, and projects that will be integrated into the curriculum of all of the schools of Colleton County.

For further information check our SC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Colleton County Museum at 843/549-2303 or the Colleton Center at 843/549-1922.


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