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February Issue 2011

Florence Museum in Florence, SC, Offers Exhibition Dealing with the Area's History

The Florence Museum in Florence, SC, is presenting the exhibit, Florence Photo Album, on view through Mar. 13, 2011. This exhibit will give visitors a chance to see snapshots of the city of Florence during its growth years in the first half of the twentieth century. These photographs from the museum's archives will be presented in large scale and will be accented with maps, memorabilia and related objects.

"One highlight of the show will be a converted movie reel that shows about 40 minutes of footage taken in Florence in the mid 1930's," said museum curator, Stephen Motte. "It's interesting to see the video showing how different things are now compared to then, but it also makes you realize a lot of things haven't really changed at all." Visitors with ties to people and places throughout Florence County are encouraged to call and bring in their stories and family photos to share with museum staff, who have planned to document them for use in the future.

"Working at this museum has made us realize that Florence's history is more dynamic than you might expect, and this project will be an ongoing effort to document, directly, the personal side of our story, something rarely found 'on the record'." These documentaries will also support the planning strategy for a new museum facility, which will be constructed in downtown Florence. Exhibit development and design are the focus of frequent collaborative work sessions between museum staff and project partner firm, Haley Sharpe Design.

Motte boasts, "It's a rewarding experience to be working with Haley Sharpe. Their resumé is incredible; they've designed and built exhibits for prestigious institutions all over the world. I think Florence will be well rewarded."

For further information check our SC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Museum at 843/662-3351 or visit (www.florencemuseum.org).


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