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February Issue 2011

Francis Marion University in Florence, SC, Offers Several Exhibits on View in February

Francis Marion University in Florence, SC, is presenting several exhibits for its Art Gallery Series on view in the Hyman Fine Arts Center Gallery including: an interactive cross media exhibit featuring works by Lucas Charles and Charles Jeffcoat on view through Feb. 10, 2011; an exhibit of 2-dimensional works by Jennifer Appleton Ervin on view through Feb. 10, 2011; USC Ceramics: Creation and Innovation, on view from Feb. 15 through Mar. 31, 2011; and works by Larry Schuh on view from Feb. 15 through Mar. 31, 2011.

Lucas Charles was born in Memphis, TN, and spent his formative years in Strawberry Plains, TN. He studied graphic design at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville and North Carolina State University, College of Design. He graduated with an MGD in 2002. He has been an educator at the University of Memphis for seven years teaching courses including Interactive Media I, II + III, Principles of Time Based Media, Typography I + II, graduate studio and seminar courses and several others. While teaching Charles ran his own studio in Memphis for four years (The Commissary), working on a variety of projects including websites, posters, catalogues and identities. In 2006 he formed Faculty of Design.

Charles' work has been published and has received many awards including Gold, Silver and Bronze Addys from Knoxville and Memphis Ad Federation, Gold, Silver and Bronze metals from the Aiga Ten Show and Design Excellence awards from Push and UCDA. His work is featured in 1,000 Greetings: Creative Correspondence Designed for All Occasions, 1,000 Type Treatments: From Script to Serif, Letterforms Used to Perfection, Adbusters Magazine, Screenfluent.com, CSSmania.com as well as other publications.

Charles Jeffcoat earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design from The University Of South Alabama in 1994. After working in the field of advertising and design for several years he was asked to take an adjunct position in design at The University Of South Alabama where he taught for two years. From there, Jeffcoat moved to earn his Master of Fine Arts in graphic design from The University Of Memphis in 2005, where he also taught in an adjunct position. Currently he is an Assistant Professor of Visual Communication at Francis Marion University. His classes have included Interactive Communication I and II, Typography I and II, History of Graphic Design, as well as numerous others.

Throughout his career Jeffcoat has maintained a professional freelance design business through his own company, Visual Ventricle. His clients included The National Civil Rights Museum, Art Museum of the University of Memphis, Movie Gallery, Sony Music, Universal Records, and Warner Music, The Florence Symphony Orchestra, Francis Marion University, and others. He has also donated his time and design work to several charitable organizations including St Jude Children's Research Hospital, and the National Civil Rights Museum.

Besides his applied professional design practice, Jeffcoat's current research is in the area of the cross-mediation of hypertextual environments and the two-dimensional printed book. This exploration and research will cause us to ask specific questions concerning narrative, authorship, linearity, and believability and from it we can gain knowledge applicable to the future of both the two-dimensional printed book and the hypertextual environment.

Born in rural New Jersey in 1971, Jennifer Appleton Ervin moved to South Carolina in her formative years. Originally a painter, she earned her BA in Fine Art from Francis Marion University in 1995. Ervin then went on to receive her MFA in Graphic Design in 2002 from Boston University's School of Visual Arts. At the end of that year, Ervin returned to South Carolina with her husband. Motherhood soon followed, initiating the re-creation of a more personal, creative path for her through photography as medium. Ervin worked as a freelance portrait photographer from 2004-2009 and left to focus on her own creative endeavors. In August 2009, Ervin was awarded the Jo-Ann Fender Scarborough Award for first place in the 56th Annual Pee Dee Regional Art Competition, the longest running art competition in South Carolina.

"Transitory moments, the spaces between expressions, continue to ignite my passion for remaining behind the lens," says Ervin. "They are unguarded places where imperfection can become synonymous with poetry and fiction. With genuine curiosity, I set my intentions to find these visceral moments of time that often hide for an inattentive eye."

USC Ceramics: Creation and Innovation highlights ceramic work from current students and Virginia Scotchie, head of the ceramics department at USC. These students have worked diligently to create, learn, and grow as artists.

The program in studio ceramics has flourished greatly since 1992 and the progress achieved could not have been done alone. Through support of talented and dedicated USC College of Arts and Sciences Administration, faculty, staff, and students, we have been able to build a program in ceramic arts that is both nationally and internationally recognized.

This exhibition highlights some of the great ceramic work created by current students at USC. Included will be works by Allison Brown, Christina Carlisle, Dana Childs, Danny Crocco, Frieda Dean, Hayley Douglas, Robin Jones, Jon McMillan, Katherine Radomsky, Stetson Rowles, Justin Scoggins, Virgina Scotchie and Laura VanCamp.

The ceramics program has attracted students of the highest caliber from not only the southeast, but from all over the United States. Recently, the program has also encouraged international involvement within programs established at institutions in Taiwan, China, and Australia.

Virginia Scotchie is a ceramic artist and area head of ceramics at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC. She holds a BFA in ceramics from UNC-Chapel Hill and in 1985 completed her Master of Fine Arts at Alfred University in New York.

Scotchie exhibits her work extensively throughout the US and abroad, and has received numerous awards including the Sydney Meyer Fund International Ceramics Premiere Award from the Shepparton Museum in Victoria, Australia. She has lectured internationally on her work and been an Artist in Residence in Taiwan, Italy, Australia and the Netherlands. Her clay forms reside in many public and private collections and reviews about her work appear in prestigious ceramic publications.

"In my work I am interested in the quality of the familiar thing we see everyday but really don't see because we see them everyday," says Scotchie. "Then I work at putting the objects I make together. Making objects is a habitual activity. The objects I make are often abstractions from the intimately known things that populate my everyday world. My son's toys, my father's hat or an old kitchen funnel. Sometimes objects I make come into being through the act of making, making, making. It is not always about the objects, it is also about the making. This is what I know and what I am passionate about. Then I begin to understand the what I am seeing."

Scotchie goes on to say, "I have an obsession with spouts, handles and knobs. This probably comes from being a potter when I first worked in clay. I think it is also about wanting my work to be verb-like in its reference to the everyday. Because I work with objects, I think about the arrangement of these objects in space. This is often an intuitive, spontaneous act. I want the space that my work inhabits to serve as a domain that is halfway between the concrete reality of the things I make and that of the meaning objects acquire when they are perceived in the subjective terms of the self."

Larry Schuh is a producing artist and educator living in Crowley, LA. Currently an associate professor at McNeese State University, he has taught courses in drawing, printmaking, gallery internship, screen printing, photo itaglio and lithography. His work has been featured in dozens of national and international exhibitions, and he is in demand for panels, lectures and workshops around the country.

"I made a decision to work in a variety of processes a long time ago. The evolution of my concepts grew with my increasing ability to draw and conceptualize. Printmaking and drawing, along with painting, were my areas of interest," say Schuh.

"Images and ideas come to me often. So, rather than casting past ideas aside, I find it refreshing to go back in and bring some of those images from my 'image bank,' back to life."

"The computer has been a wonderful tool for me," continues Schuh, adding, "I do not use it exclusively to make art. I do use the technology at times to prepare for an original print. My printmaking experiences have given me an advantage when working digitally. Some people actually will argue with me that some finished digital prints are screen prints when in reality they are digital prints. That is a sign of success for me."

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