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February 2011

Appalachian State University in Boone, NC, Offers Winter Exhibition Celebration - Feb. 3

Appalachian State University in Boone, NC, will welcome the winter season with the celebration of six new exhibitions on Friday, Feb. 3, 2012, as part of Downtown Boone, NC’s First Friday Art Crawl, from 7-9pm. The University’s Turchin Center for the Visual Arts will be open for all visitors to take their first look at the current exhibitions on display, meet some of the artists, listen to live music and enjoy a refreshing beverage from the cash bar.

The new exhibitions being celebrated on Feb. 3 are Robert Goodnough: Abstract Expressionism & Beyond, Senegal: A Window into Francophone West Africa, 2012 Department of Art Faculty Biennial Exhibition, The Artine &Teddy Artinian Self-Portrait Collection: Selections from the Permanent Collection, 9th Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition and Padre e Figlio: Father and Son Works by Mario Prisco and Richard Prisco.

Abstract Expressionism & Beyond is in the center’s Main Gallery, East Wing while 9th Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition will be in the Mezzanine Gallery, East Wing. Both exhibitions will be on display until June 2, 2012. Senegal will be in the Community Gallery, East Wing through March 31, 2012 while the 2012 Department of Art Faculty Biennial in Gallery A, West Wing and The Artine & Teddy Artinian Self-Portrait Collection in Gallery B, West Wing and Padre e Figlio in the Mayer Gallery, West Wing, will be on display through March 24, 2012.

Robert Goodnough: Abstract Expressionism & Beyond is made possible by the David Illya Brandt and Daria Brandt Collection. Robert Goodnough (1917-2010) was an American Abstract Expressionist painter who moved among the second-generation members of the New York School. This exhibition continues the Turchin Center’s tradition of featuring historically important artists and their work.

In partnership with Appalachian’s Department of Foreign Language & Literatures, French & Francophone Studies, Senegal: A Window into Francophone West Africa, is the result of the experiences of 12 graduate students of French who traveled to Senegal in July 2011. The resulting exhibition will feature artwork from artists in Senegal as well as images and research gathered by the participants of this trip. The US Department of Education’s Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad Program funded the trip.

In collaboration with the Catherine J. Smith Gallery, the 2012 Department of Art Faculty Biennial Exhibition presents new work from Appalachian State University’s Department of Art faculty members. Faculty exhibitions provide an opportunity for the campus and High Country community to view and engage in the artwork of the people instructing Appalachian students. This exhibition will be located in two locations: Catherine J. Smith Gallery: ThroughMar. 2, 2012 and the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts: Feb. 3 through Mar. 24, 2012.

The Artine & Teddy Self-Portrait Collection features a selection of work from one of the most recent acquisitions to the Turchin Center’s Permanent Collection. Originally gifted to the Appalachian Cultural Museum, this major collection holds more than 250 paintings, drawing and mixed media work.

The 9th Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition is a prominent, regional competition attracting the work of amateur and professional photographers from across the country that celebrates the unique people, place and pursuits that distinguish the Southern Appalachian Mountains. This is a program of Appalachian’s Outdoor Programs in partnership with the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation and the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts.

Padre e Figlio features works by father and son, Mario and Richard Prisco. A fine artist and painter, Mario Prisco has been painting professionally for more than six decades and his work is largely influenced by his large, extended family of first-generation Americans and the Italian-Jewish neighborhood in which is was raised. Studio furniture artist and designer, Richard Prisco recently relocated to the Boone community to teach at Appalachian State University. His work is heavily influenced by his father and uncle and is currently exploring structure as crafted expression in his work. These two artists combine their unique styles to create one exemplary exhibition.

The Turchin Center for the Visual Arts presents exhibition, education and collection programs that support Appalachian State University’s role as a key regional educational, cultural and economic resource.

For more info check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, call 828/262-3017 or visit (www.turchincenter.org).


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