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February 2011

Corrigan Gallery LLC in Charleston Offers Works by Jennie Summerall

Corrigan Gallery LLC in Charleston, SC, will present a solo guest exhibit, Torn, featuring new works by Jennie Summerall, on view from Feb. 16 - 28, 2012. A reception will be held on Feb. 16, from 5-8pm.

Summerall’s new work is all collage, rather than painting as her previous work, but her themes remain female nudes in a dreamy state and animals, often in mythological scenes. For her pieces, Summerall has been collecting unique handmade papers from all over the world.

About her process, she says “I tear the paper whenever possible… and feel that in a way I am painting with these papers…. It’s an interesting challenge to find papers which suggest the texture of whatever I am portraying, particularly in the images of animals. Mostly, though, I enjoy the tactile experience of working with these papers.”

It seems in these days of war ravaged countries, exploded economies and cities devastated by natural disasters that our instinct is to put things back together. Here perhaps is one artist working on that in a subtle manner by putting the torn pieces of special papers together in a new and interesting way. The focus on living creatures, human and animal, provides a jumping off point for our newly arranged world.

Summerall is a Charleston native who lives and works in Massachusetts. She has been painting portraits and other figurative work for twenty-six years. She has shown in South Carolina, Massachusetts and Maine. Her paintings hang in a number of private and institutional collections including her portrait of biologist E. O. Wilson at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery of Art and of Seamus Heaney at Harvard University.

In its seventh year, Corrigan Gallery is the culmination of 23 years of experience in the Charleston art market. Representing more than a dozen artists in an intimate space, the gallery presents a new show almost every month and invites visiting artists to join in. Other gallery artists include Manning Williams, Duke Hagerty, Lynne Riding, Sue Simons Wallace, Gordon Nicholson, John Moore, William Meisburger, Mary Walker, Lese Corrigan, Paul Mardikian, Kevin Bruce Parent and John Hull. Many of these local artists have established national careers and are included in museum collections.

A gallery of contemporary works exploring the depth and intellect behind the drive to create, Corrigan Gallery provides a depth to the historic city’s traditional bent.

For further information check our SC Commercial Gallery listing, call the gallery at 843/722-9868 or visit (http://www.corrigangallery.com).


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