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February 2011

ENO Gallery in Hillsborough, NC, Features Works by Robert Gardner and a Group Sculpture Invitational

ENO Gallery in Hillsborough, NC, is presenting the exhibit, Steel Canvas, featuring works by Robert Gardner, on view through Feb. 21, 2012. Then, from Feb. 24 through Apr. 22, 2012, the gallery will present, Totems and Talismans, a sculpture invitational, by eleven artists offering contemporary interpretations of Totems and Talismans. A reception will be held on Feb. 24, from 6-9pm.

Steel Canvas is a solo exhibition by Robert Gardner of new paintings on steel plate using minimalist architectural geometric outlines of steel as the canvas for his paint.

Gardner’s sculptural paintings blur the boundaries between painting and sculpture. He creates wall mounted sculptures of welded and fabricated steel. Gardner’s geometric forms and sculptural surfaces are used as a canvas for his layers of paint, breaking with the historical art tradition of illusionistic space in two dimensions.

Gardner says “I apply my paint as an overlay... to portray the process of time, erosion and aging.”

Gardner’s works create a spatial narrative with architectural references. In fact his work appears inspired by minimalist architecture as he utilizes basic geometric shapes as outlines, using only a single shape or a small number of like shapes as components for design unity. Architectural geometric outlines are the canvas that Gardner works with.

When asked if he was inspired by architecture Gardner replied that one of his many influences is the work of the Japanese architect Tadao Ando. The architect’s buildings are often characterized by three-dimensional circulation paths. These paths interweave between spaces formed both inside geometric shapes and in the spaces between them. Likewise, the three dimensional constructions of architecturally inspired outlines are the canvas that Gardner works with.

Totems and Talismans is an exhibition of sculptures that are created with clay, wood, metal, and symbols that in their relationship to each other evoke a spiritual meaning.

The making of objects that evoke or contain special power, either in the spiritual or physical world is an ancient ritual of humankind. In Native American culture a totem is a spirit guide. Artifacts which were buried deep in the earth and recovered, reveal that making totems and talismans is an ancient human tradition going back thousands of years.

Pre-industrial societies harnessed their collective energy through their art and rituals. Some of the exhibited works in this exhibition invite meditation and solitary contemplation. Others appear filled with the primitive energy of the unconscious that flows through us all.

What all the works in this exhibition share is that they are alive with a tribal, elemental feeling that is strong and direct. One feels a connection with the primitive energy of the collective unconscious that exhibiting artist John Geldersma calls “contemporary tribalism”. Geldersma states that totemic works are created “through the unconscious attempting to transcend into a place of understanding.”

This exhibition doesn’t attempt to replicate the ancient Totems. Rather it is a contemporary interpretation that gives voice to the inner creativity of each individual artist.

Participating artists include: Alice Ballard (Greenville, SC); Lisa Creed (Durham, NC); Daniel Essig (Asheville, NC); John Geldersma (Santa Fe, NM); Virginia Gibbons (Wilmington, NC); Kelly Guidry (Breaux Bridge, LA); Tinka Jordy (Hillsborough, NC); William Moore (Pittsboro, NC); Hope Swann (Charlotte, NC); Kathy Triplett (Weaverville, NC); and Susan Wells (Hillsborough, NC).

ENO Gallery represent exceptional contemporary artists for both first time buyers and discerning collectors. The gallery is a unique and intimate exhibition space in the heart of the Hillsborough historic district, offering work from artists of exceptional quality and dedication. We are honored to represent some of the most creative individuals from both the regional and national communities. Our name is inspired by the Eno River that runs through downtown Hillsborough, which was laid out in 1754 by William Churton on 400 acres where the Occaneechi Indian Trading Path crossed the Eno River.

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 919/833-1415 or visit (http://www.enogallery.net/).


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