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February 2011

FRANK gallery in Chapel Hill, NC, Offers Exhibition Focused on Human Relationships

FRANK gallery in Chapel Hill, NC, BODY & SOUL: Birth - Death - Religion - Myth, featuring an exhibit based on the interpretation and exploration of human relationships to birth, death, religion and/or myth by gallery artists, on view through Mar. 4, 2012.

Back in September a four-member committee brainstormed the ideas for a new exhibit and nervously issued a “call” for submissions to be juried for the BODY & SOUL show subtitled, “Birth - Death - Religion - Myth.” How in the world would artists represent such unworldly themes as soul and myth? The stunning array of answers arrived in January, as artists carried in work ranging from representational to abstract, physical to metaphysical, grim to light-hearted. We were amazed at the variety, interpretations, and methods of communicating their relationship to these topics. To add another layer to this viewing experience, many of the artists have provided a statement explaining their connection to these topics and how their work illustrates that.

Sasha Bakaric, for example states that “cells hold a promise of a human life” with her Embryonic Stem Cells. In the work, Rose Got Pregnant, Lisa Bartell surprises us by painting, yes, a voluminous rose. Charron Andrews recalls “the awe and wonder I felt when my own children were babies” and created a colorful Madonna and Child out of bottle caps, costume jewelry, ribbons and other found objects, as well as paint. Caroline Vaughan’s photograph confronts us with a nude woman during and after chemotherapy for breast cancer. “I see the word courage as interchangeable with spiritual,” Vaughan says.

Other artists take us toward the metaphysical realm. Lolette Guthrie’s geometric painting, Stand Still in the Light, reminds us that light not only plays a central role in the Book of Genesis, Quaker practice, and the Koran; white light is also what survivors of near-death report having seen. By contrast, Elaine O’Neil arranges and sews bright, jagged patches of fabric into “Joie de Vivre,” capturing “that simple, bubbly feeling of wellness, safety, kindness and delight.”

There is more, much more, to be seen among the fifty works on the walls and pedestals. There is also much to be heard at the Thursday-evening Salons presented during the run of the exhibition. FRANK Gallery seeks to reach out to the community. So we invite the public to enjoy light refreshments while hearing presentations by writers, artists or musicians. In conjunction with the BODY & SOUL exhibit, Salons will feature an art therapist, a shrine-maker, a photographer and scientist who interviewed brain-cancer patients, and others.

The Thursday-evening Salons are held every Thursday evening from 6 to 8pm. The schedule includes:


Feb. 2 - Peter Filene, Featured Artist - “The Ghost in the Camera”

Feb. 9 - Charron Andrews - “The Transforming Power of Art”

Feb. 16 - Engaging with “Body & Soul”: A conversation with visitors.

Feb. 23 - Alex Harris and Paula Ehrlich, “The Time of Our Lives: Living with Brain Cancer”

Mar. 1 - Danielle Koppel, singer, songwriter performs.

And, on another note, FRANK is now gearing up for our 2nd birthday celebration/fundraiser, OFF THE WALL 2012! to be held at FRANK on Saturday, Apr. 21, 2012. Here’s how it works: our artists as well as others from the community each donate a piece of art valued over $300. Each $225.00 ticket entitles you to a catered dinner, an open bar and a guaranteed fun evening. But most importantly, when a ticket-holder’s name is pulled out of a hat by our emcee, Frank Stasio, you can select any piece of art that is still available. All art ticket-holders are guaranteed to go home with art OFF THE WALL that night. We are selling only 100 tickets (equal to the number of pieces of art donated) – we sold out last year, so I encourage you to buy early. It will be a great party and proceeds support our community and educational outreach efforts. You know you want to be there.

For those of you who may not be familiar with FRANK gallery, I invite you to see for yourselves why so many visitors feel we are unique. FRANK is a non- profit collective of over 80 artists; our mission is to support the arts community of Chapel Hill and the region, to expand community appreciation of the arts through educational programming and outreach efforts, and to promote the Town of Chapel Hill and North Carolina as a major arts destination. FRANK gallery puts up a new exhibit every two months.

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, call the gallery at 919/636-4135 or visit (www.frankisart.com).


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