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February 2011

Lark & Key Gallery and Boutique in Charlotte, NC, Offers Works by Angie Renfro and Julie Covington

Lark & Key Gallery and Boutique in Charlotte, NC, will present the exhibit, New Works, featuring works by Angie Renfro and Julie Covington, on view from Feb. 1 through Mar. 31, 2012.

Angie Renfro’s impressionistic oil paintings capture the quiet, unassuming beauty of everyday objects and landscapes. Her multi-layered technique and paired down compositions take the ordinary and transforms it into something extraordinary.

Drawn to subjects that are often over-

looked, Renfro finds beauty in their loneliness. There is a sense of nostalgia in her work that is countered by her contemporary painting style. Her bold strokes are deliberately blurred, hints of bright colors create tension in an otherwise muted palette, and compositions are calm and austere.

Originally from Texas, Renfro currently resides in Chicago. She was named “Artist to Watch” in the October 2006 issue of Southwest Art Magazine, featured in the August 2008 and August 2010 editions of American Art Collector and was the featured artist in the September 2010 issue of Southwest Art Magazine.

Julie Covington began working with clay as a teenager and has long held an interest in living a handmade life. After college she spent several years in Thailand and New Mexico working on a larger scale, gaining experience with indigenous architecture using clay, sand and straw. Drawn to the combination of form and function, slowly sculpting houses out of earthen materials allowed her to continue her exploration of creating objects that are useful as well as beautiful.

Covington’s high-fired pots, wheel-thrown and altered, are heavily influence by her experience with other cultures. The surfaces are decorated with patterns using

a wax resist technique, with designs that range from vines to more primitive imagery. She strives to make sweet, yet sturdy one-of-a-kind pots that can survive a rough and tumble life as well as enhance it.

Based in Asheville, NC, Covington is passionate about living a life with as many handcrafted ingredients as possible.

For more info check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call 704/334-4616 or visit (www.larkandkey.com).


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