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February 2011

NC Wesleyan College in Rocky Mount, NC, Features Works by Area Children and Photos of Antarctica

NC Wesleyan College in Rocky Mount, NC, is presenting several exhibits including: Children are the Greatest, featuring works by local elementary students, on view in North Civic Gallery in Dunn Center for Preforming Arts through Mar. 23, 2012, and Antarctica, featuring photographs by John Hidgon, on view in the Mims Gallery at the Dunn Center for Performing Arts, from Feb. 17 through Mar. 25, 2012. A reception will be held on Feb. 17, for Higdon from 7-9pm. Higdon will give a talk at 8pm.

Children are the Greatest, features an elementary art show from two area schools. Artworks by Jane Gardner’s classes at Jones Elementary in Wilson, NC, and by Wendy Ferguson-Whitehead’s classes at Swift Creek Elementary in the Nash-Rocky Mount School System are on display.

Gardner says her intent is for every child in the school to simply love art. By learning new things and experimenting with different media, I hope to encourage the child's creativity. My hope is that each student will put in their best efforts and are proud of their artwork on display. Visitors to the gallery will see the effort and joy that went into each creation.

Australian native Wendy Ferguson is an energetic Edison USA art teacher who has taught at Nash County’s Swift Creek Elementary School since 1998. Inspiring her art lessons, she says, “It is the beauty of nature, its colors, tones, and textures that creates excitement.” Such excitement is evident in the artworks her classes have on display from interpretations of native Australian art to fabric collage. There is a playful exploration of materials and color.

Wesleyan College is also privileged to host an exhibition of photographs of Antarctica by icebreaker Capt. John Higdon.

Higdon spent 10 years in Antarctica as a merchant marine. He was inspired to photographically record his response to this alien environment while navigating an icebreaker for the National Science Foundation. Going sometimes months without seeing another ship or person created a personal love and connection to the nature and life of Antarctica. His photos show the raw beauty, sheer remoteness and hostility of this magnificent area. His works were obtained while sometimes enduring extreme conditions and dangerous measures. Through his photos, he delivers to the viewer what couldn’t be felt or experienced without venturing across the continent.

Higdon says, “I photographed the continent with a realist’s eye, trying to convey [being] so overwhelmed by the geographical distance and the punishing physical barriers to movement amongst the ice covered sea. All works seen will portray the stark contrast of human beings ingenious enough to be able to weather the environment and the indigenous creatures, penguins and seals, and geography that is at home in such an inhospitable yet breathtakingly beautiful place.”

Born in Pittsburgh, PA, Higdon has been living in Pensacola, FL, since 1979. He has been published many times in science journals and books, including The National Science Journal and The National Science Foundation Yearly Planner. He has placed 3rd in The New York Institute of Photography. His last exhibit and the works sold were casualties of Hurricane Ivan. The entire gallery was swept to sea.

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, call the gallery at 252/985-5268 or at (www.ncwc.edu/Arts/Mims/).


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