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February 2011

Skyuka Fine Art in Tryon, NC, Offers Works Based on Saluda, NC

Skyuka Fine Art in Tryon, NC, will present the exhibit, Showing Off Saluda, featuring works by some of Saluda, NC’s finest artists; Bonnie Bardos, Jim Carson, Marguerite Hankins, William and Anne Jameson, Dale McEntire, Beverly Pickard, and John Waddill. The opening reception will be on Feb. 11, 2012, from 5-8pm. The exhibition will remain on view through Mar. 23, 2012.

Much of the work presented will depict the local scenes of Historic Saluda, and its bountiful natural beauty; forests, streams and mountains.

Bonnie Bardos says: “Art for me is an expression of the soul: the deepest self, where time and place do not matter...I am on a higher plane when creating. There is intense spirit and energy in my hands...I am influenced by color, by thought, and by the natural world around us.” Bardos’ work is ethereal, you want to be a part of its softness, and light and somehow have it leave with you; become a part of you. Her paintings are pure loveliness.

Jim Carson’s work can best be described as “fresh and painterly”. Cutting through to the essence, simplifying, and finding balance is his goal. Carson has been influenced through various workshops with Ken Auster, Marianne Dunn, Kevin MacPherson, Kenn Backhaus, and John Budicin. He now gives his own workshops throughout the year. Carson prefers painting in “plein air” and there is a true simplicity and freshness to his paintings that distinguishes them, and gives them a character of their own.

Marguerite Hankins is known for her paintings inspired by old photographs and this is her passion. She is challenged by bringing the details of photographs to life, and especially enjoys capturing the fabric and design of old clothing and period costumes and figures in landscape settings. Hankins is a gifted portraitist and captures the character of her subjects through their eyes and weathered faces. Still life painting rounds out her repertoire of favorite things to paint.

The simple rural life and colorful landscapes of the Carolinas have long fascinated Anne Jameson. She enjoys rural structural subjects particularly for the graphic design aspects of a composition but also for the wonderful color, and she enjoys the opportunity for some interesting plays of light and shadow which can provide drama or mystery to a painting. She and her husband William Jameson split their time between Saluda and Mt. Pleasant, SC, but also often host workshops in Mexico and Italy. Bill’s passion for history and nature allow him to create introspective landscapes embodying the full range of local color and timeless contrasts, whether the setting captures the brilliant, warm colors heralding the arrival of fall in the North Carolina Mountains or the rich Tuscan countryside. A prolific painter, Bill continues pursuing his explorations of landscapes. He expresses his creative drive in this way, “The more I paint, the more I must paint. The need to…is never diminished by having completed a painting, but rather there’s an immediate need to begin another.”

A native of Western North Carolina, Dale McEntire has been involved in the visual arts since his training at Mercer University, and has continued to evolve as an artist through private studies in the US and Europe, and training at Penland School of Craft. His interest in the spiritual essence of nature can be seen in his use of color and form. McEntire produces both oil and pastel paintings and sculpture (stone, steel, glass, bronze) out of his studio in Saluda.

Beverly Pickard attended Rhodes College in Memphis, TN, and later received her BA in art from the University of South Carolina. She taught art for many years before she returned to school and earned a graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy; the field she worked in for 19 years, but she retired early to paint full time. Pickard’s delightful subject matter includes local scenes and landscapes, as well as stunning still lifes that evoke feelings of nostalgia. She divides her time between Macon, GA, and Saluda.

Seventy-one years ago John Waddill chose to become an artist. Encouraged by teachers and parents he landed at Parsons School of Design. Working as a furnishings designer for years, he soon realized South Carolina was a better place to raise his family and soon became a painter of wildflowers, animals, fish, birds, snakes and landscapes. Waddill continues to paint for pleasure to this day and enjoys learning from others; Rich Nelson, Dale McIntyre, Bill Jameson, and Jim Carson. He learned from a teacher years ago “If you ain’t having fun you are wasting yours and my time”. He still follows that principal today.

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 828/817-3783 or visit (www.SkyukaFineArt.com).


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