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February 2011

UNC Charlotte at the Center City Campus in Charlotte, NC, Features Works by Anna von Gwinner

UNC Charlotte is presenting the exhibit, Betwixt and Between, featuring an installation by Anna von Gwinner, on view in the Projective Eye Gallery, located in the Center City Building in Uptown Charlotte, NC, through Mar. 15, 2012.

Anna von Gwinner, an artist and architect long known for her abilities to create a visual and spatial union between architecture and the moving image, has been commissioned by the College of Arts + Architecture to create an installation in the new UNC Charlotte Center City Building. This site-specific incendiary installation will command viewing from urban onlookers as it rear projects out into 9th street and from the gallery into our lobby.

Von Gwinner’s well poised and placed moving image creates a simulacrum at two points: on the interior, an explosive confrontation with the silhouette of various pyrotechnics; on the exterior, a billowing cloud of smoke, captivating and lightly seductive, offering the relief of sinuous movement amidst the solidity of the surrounding glass. Between these two screens lies the empty length of the 54’ gallery, and it is this empty space that holds the latent understanding for the viewer.

In the artist’s own words, “There is a play between a triggering condition of uncontrolled explosions on one side of a space and its humble consequence of smoke on its opposite end. The vessel for this transformation is the inaccessible space between these two projections; the status of its variance and its secret extensions is the mere production of our imagination. The setting of the opposite conditions refuses its direct simultaneous observation. The screen mutates between a technical picture plane and a spatial curtain that provokes what lies in the space behind it.”

Von Gwinner, a German-born artist and architect working out of Berlin, has exhibited in traditional and nontraditional settings around the world, including: SECCA in Winston-Salem, NC, MAIS VI, Bauherrenprojekt, Galerie Berlin, Berlin Arena, ARCH2 Gallery - University of Manitoba, The Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art (Manitoba), and Alberta College of Art & Design, just to name a few. The College of Arts + Architecture at UNC Charlotte is ebullient to have her installation filling our new space and to offer an art experience to defy the usual.

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, call Crista Cammaroto, Director of Galleries at 704/687-0833 or visit (http://coaa.uncc.edu/Performances-exhibitions/Center-city-gallery).

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