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February 2014

ENO Gallery in Hillsbrough, NC, Offers Works by Akira Satake & Barbara Zaretsky

ENO Gallery in Hillsbrough, NC, is presenting Ma: The Space Between, featuring works by Akira Satake and Barbara Zaretsky, on view through Feb. 23, 2014.

Ceramic artist Akira Satake and textile artist Barbara Zaretsky have created a harmonious body of work that exemplifies the visual expression of the concept of ma. In Japanese, the word ma (pronounced ‘maah’) expresses a principle that’s rarely articulated in Western art: an awareness of form and non-form as equally significant. Think of a Ma as the space between... Pots are formed from clay, though the space inside them is the essence of the pot. Satake and Zaretsky understand the importance of negative space that surrounds an object. Its use has a dramatic impact on the mood and tone of their finished work in this exhibition.

“For me, the act of creation is a collaboration between myself, the clay and the fire,” say Akira Satake. “Collaboration means finding what the clay wants to be and bringing out its beauty in the way that the beauty of our surroundings is created through natural forces. Undulations in sand that has been moved by the wind, rock formations caused by landslides, the crackle and patina in the wall of an old house; all these owe their special beauty to the random hand of Nature. The fire is the ultimate random part of the collaborative equation. I hope the fire will be my ally, but I know it will always transform the clay in ways I cannot anticipate.”

“I’ve always been fascinated with textiles and the influence they have on our culture,” says Barbara Zaretsky. “Inspired by the things around me—color, movement, light, nature, architecture and design—I am moved to create art for everyday use. Functional textiles can enhance our lives in subtle yet powerful ways—from expressing who we are to communicating emotion.”

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 919/883-1415 or visit (www.enogallery.net).

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