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February 2014

Irene Morrah Fine Art in Greenville, SC, Offers Works by William Jameson

Irene Morrah Fine Art in Greenville, SC, will present Natural Wonders, featuring works by William Jameson, on view from Feb. 21 through Mar. 31, 2014.

In 1980, William Jameson was living in Manhattan and working in the art movements of the moment: minimalism and constructivism. For a change of pace, he decided to accompany a landscape painter he knew on a foray to South Carolina. On the spur of the moment, once there, Jameson decided to also go out and paint on location with the artist. These decisions turned out to be life-changing for Jameson, who had grown up in South Carolina.

Once back on his home turf, he came to some important conclusions. “I realized what I had been missing,” he says. “I really needed to and wanted to paint the southern landscape. I appreciated this landscape in a new and different way.”

Jameson returned to New York, but a year later he packed up and moved back to his home state. Today he lives about 30 miles east of Asheville, NC, in the small town of Saluda, and for inspiration he frequently visits the nearby Appalachian Mountains.

Jameson works from sketches and photographs as reference material. And he prefers to define his paintings as “explorations” as opposed to labeling one of his works “a scene.” His artistic mission is to delve deep, past the surface magnificence of the individual elements in the landscape to reveal the mystery and power of nature.

“I try to develop a lot of texture in my paintings and convey information through this texture,” Jameson says. “People ask me if I run out of things to paint. The truth is I fall further and further behind all the things I want to paint. I can never catch up.”

For further information check our SC Commercial Gallery listings, call 864/242-4166 or visit (www.irenemorrahfineart.com).

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