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February 2014

Society of Bluffton Artists in Bluffton, SC, Offers Works by Shirley Good Bacher

The Society of Bluffton Artists in Bluffton, SC, will present Everyday Moments, a collection of original pastel and oil paintings by local artist Shirley Good Bacher, on view from Feb. 3 through Mar. 1, 2014. A reception will be held on Feb. 9, from 3-5pm.

“I am endlessly inspired by what we generally think of as everyday and commonplace.” says Shirley. “Whether it be a gorgeous sunset, a beautiful old city, children playing, a quiet garden, street musicians entertaining the public and each other, I love it and can’t resist trying to capture it in a painting.” And capture it she does with quiet competence and grace in her brush and pastel strokes that transport the viewer to these places and moments of beauty.

Bacher was born in Beaumont, TX. During her school years she won numerous state and international awards for her artwork. She was also an avid tennis player who discovered she enjoyed teaching the game as much as playing it. The result was an absence from the art world for twenty-five years while she taught tennis and became the owner/operator of her own tennis club. Now retired from the tennis world and living in Bluffton, Bacher is delighted to have the opportunity to again enjoy the thrill of creating art.

Bacher currently works primarily in pastel and oil in a style she calls “contemporary representational impressionism,” as she says “not meant to be a fancy term, just descriptive. I try to paint what I see but having shared painting subjects with many other art students, I am fully aware we do not all paint things the same way even when we are looking at the same thing!” Some of her favorite subjects are landscapes in Pennsylvania, Nantucket, North and South Carolina gardens and golf courses, children at play or at the beach, and urbanscapes especially of Times Square and New Orleans. Generally she begins her paintings en plein air, takes some photos to capture moving shadows, and finishes in her studio. “When I get completely ‘lost’ in my painting, it seems as though it is materializing out of the canvas/paper and I have been known to exclaim to my husband ‘there is a painting happening out there (in my studio).’”

Bacher has studied pastel and oil painting with many master artists including Alan Flattmann, Doug Dawson, Mike Rooney, Joyce and Don Nagel and Lois Griffel. She is a member of the Southeastern Pastel Society, The Society of Bluffton Artists and the Hilton Head Art League.

Enjoy the work of over 100 other member artists.

For further information check our SC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Society at 843/757-6586 or visit (www.sobagallery.com).

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