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February 2014

Tyler White O’Brien Art Gallery in Greensboro, NC, Offers Works by Heather Jordan

The Tyler White O’Brien Art Gallery in Greensboro, NC, will present an exhibit of works by Heather Jordan, on view from Feb. 7 through Mar. 16, 2014. A reception will be held on Feb. 7, from 6-8pm.

The exhibit will introduce the vibrant artwork of Heather Jordan from Darlington, SC, who is a positive upbeat mid career self taught artist...no art degree – just daily determination to paint well with a splash of entrepreneurial spirit. Her glass is always half full even on a rainy day. Being a problem solver, Jordan really enjoys color and mixing paint until the right colors are created. From conception to completion she is constantly thinking of one thing, “Will this tell a story and will it make a home complete?” The greatest achievement to an artist is to be able to place artwork in the hands of someone who has the same vision as the creator. We all work hand in hand and the end result can bring tremendous visual joy in its final location.

Jordan’s art is influenced so greatly on interaction with daily life. She paints in a studio that was a gift from her husband. He understands how much she truly enjoys painting. Being a truly happy person leads to happy color combinations. Mixing and dividing paint takes some time but gives great color composition. She believes the subject matter needs to have a relationship that drives emotion to one’s past or future. This is a focus for Jordan as space, color theory, scale, makes her a little dizzy trying to follow some sense of rules. “I will break them at times and is so freeing!”

As for Jordan, owning an art gallery for 6 years was her most important journey to painting. She was surrounded by pottery, paintings and so much creativity! But, her brushes dried and she was never at the easel. She closed the gallery last year and she picked up her old, dear paints, just diving in. She wants to create pieces that will work well in a home or corporate setting. “Art to me is a mystery and often I use a limited color palette and layered brushstrokes, to create some thought in the pieces. All art has a story that is waiting to be told. I create pieces that offer you your own personal journey,” says Jordan.

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 336/279-1124 or visit (www.tylerwhitegallery.com).

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