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March Issue 2001

NCECA National Conference Comes to Charlotte, NC, and Rock Hill, SC

The National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) will hold its 35th annual conference in Charlotte, NC, Mar. 28-31.

NCECA's purpose is to stimulate, promote, and improve education in the ceramic arts. It is a professional organization of individuals whose interests, talents, or careers are primarily focused on the ceramic arts. It became an independent organization in 1967 after several years of affiliation with the Ceramics Education Council of the American Ceramics Society. NCECA is a nonprofit educational organization.

In the spring of each year, an annual meeting is held with over 3500 participants. These meetings are scheduled in different parts of the country to give all members an opportunity to attend and participate. (Last year's conference was held in Denver, CO, and next year's conference will be held in Kansas City, MO.) NCECA is a national conference, with international membership, and each year it takes on a regional flavor.

Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC, is this year's host institution and the site of the conference's two main exhibitions.

With the Carolinas boasting a long and rich ceramic heritage, this year's conference will celebrate the Evolving Legacies (the conference theme) of the area and the larger community.

The Carolinas' ceramic legacies include the folk potters of Seagrove and Jugtown, the face jug tradition, the antebellum slave potters of the Edgefield district, the Catawba Indian pottery, and the Moravian potters. The growth of ceramics in the last half century has been vibrant and expansive. This growth, in part, has evolved out of the study of the world's great traditions. The modern ceramic artists have expanded their art by examining the past, imitating it, assimilating it, and improvising upon it.

The typical conference program includes speakers, exhibitions, museum visits, presentations of professional papers, panel discussions, symposia, lectures, commercial and nonprofit exhibitions, slide presentations, educational films, a keynote address, award ceremony and business meeting.

Attendees include teachers, students, studio artists, potters, art historians, writers, museum and gallery directors and collectors. The conference will take place at the Charlotte Convention Center and the Adam's Mark Hotel, in Uptown Charlotte.

An important part of the annual conference is the Fourth Annual Silent Auction which features ceramic works by member artists, such as, Ben Owen III, Joe Bova, Liz Quackenbusch, Mark Hewitt, Matt Long, Sam Chung, Ellen Shankin and many others, which benefits the NCECA Endowment Fund.

The NCECA Endowment Fund was established in 1996 with the goal of insuring the educational efforts and financial stability of the organization. Through two major benefit auctions and the generous work of their members the organization has built the endowment fund to approximately $575,000. With the proceeds from the Fourth Annual Silent Auction, the Fund continues to move toward the goal of a $1 million endowment.

The NCECA greatly appreciates the generosity of the artists who have donated a piece for this year's Silent Auction. They hope that many members and conference visitors will take this opportunity to support NCECA by bidding generously to purchase a piece. The auction pieces will be on display next to the NCECA booth (opposite Booths 46-48) in Exhibit Hall C2, at the Charlotte Convention Center. Auction hours are: Wed., Mar. 28, from 12-5 pm, Thur., Mar. 29, from 9-5pm and Fri., Mar. 30, from 9-4pm only. The bidding closes at 4pm on Fri. and the winners will be allowed to pick up their pieces on Fri., between 4-5pm at the auction booth or on Sat. from 8:30-10am at the NCECA registration desk, which will be at the Adam's Mark Hotel, Symphony Ballroom Foyer. The NCECA 2001 Silent Auction was organized by Bonita Day.

Another important event taking place during the conference is the Empty Bowls Project which includes the Just One Bowl exhibition and sale, to benefit the Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina. Just One Bowl exhibit will be located in glass cases in the lobby at Spirit Square Center for Art and Education from Mar. 22 through Mar. 29. The bowls will then be moved and offered to the public at a silent auction at St. Peter's Episcopal Church, 115 W. Seventh Street, from 5 to 7pm. The bowls will be the creation of area artists as well as those who are attending the conference from elsewhere. If you're going to the conference, bring a bowl of your own creation for the auction.

Exhibitions organized by NCECA, as well as local galleries and museum, play an integral role in the conference activities. Over 75 ceramic exhibitions are planned. The two NCECA sponsored exhibitions will be held in Rock Hill, SC. The NCECA Clay National will take place in Winthrop University's Winthrop University Galleries, in Rutledge Hall (through Apr. 1). The NCECA Regional Student Juried Exhibition will take place at the Rock Hill Arts Council's Dalton Gallery, in downtown Rock Hill (through Mar. 31). For further information about related exhibitions check our NC and SC Institutional Gallery listings and NC and SC Commercial Gallery listings. Participating exhibit spaces are indicated by the following: (NCECA 2001 Exhibition). You may also find our NCECA Charlotte Maps on page 17 useful in finding many of the exhibit locations.

NCECA is also one of the sponsors of the first World Ceramic Exposition 2001 Korea (WOCEK), which will be held in the cities of Ichon, Yoju, and Kwangju in Kyonggi Province, Korea, for 80 days from Aug. 10 - Oct. 28, 2001. WOCEK, staged under the theme Shaping the Future with Earth, is an international cultural festival for the new millennium, sponsored by the Government of the Republic of Korea and the Kyonggi Provincial Government, with the official patronage and participation of the International Academy of Ceramics (IAC), the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) and the American Ceramic Society (ACerS).

The 1st World Ceramic Biennale 2001 Korea (CEBIKO) - International Competition, will be the main event of WOCEK. The International Competition provides open opportunities to all potters and ceramists from around the world.

For further information about WOCEK check their official website at (Http://www.ceramicbiennale.or.kr).

For further information pertaining to the conference contact Jim Connell, the conference on-site-liaison, at 803/323-2657 or by e-mail at (connellj@winthrop.edu) or contact Regina Brown at NCECA at 1/800/99N-CECA; fax at 541/347-7076; or on the web at (http://www.nceca.net).

Preliminary Conference Schedule

Registration, demonstrations, commercial and non-profit exhibits, the NCECA Fellowship Cup Sale, and the Opportunities Room will take place at the Charlotte Convention Center. The rest of the program will be held at the Adam's Mark Hotel. Continuous shuttle service between the Convention Center, the Adam's Mark and the Holiday Inn and Omni Hotel will be provided beginning on Mar. 27 - Mar. 31 - hours to be announced.

Tuesday, March 27
1 -7pm - Advance and On-site Registration

Wednesday, March 28
8am - 6pm - Advance and On-Site Registration
8:30am - 4pm - International Slide Forum Sign-up & Scheduling - Thomas Orr, coordinator
8:30am - 4pm - Graduate Students Slide Forum Sign-up & Scheduling - Sally Brogden, coordinator
8:30am - 5pm - Ninth NCECA Fellowship Fund Cup Submissions - Nick Sevigney, coordinator
8:30am-5:30pm - Tour/Shuttle Buses to Selected Exhibitions, including the NCECA Regional Student Juried Exhibition and the NCECA 2001 Clay National Exhibition in Rock Hill, SC.
9am - 5pm - Corporate/Non-profit Exhibits/ NCECA Booth
12 - 5pm - Silent Auction/ NCECA Endowment Benefit
7 - 9pm - Opening Ceremonies Keynote: Marlena Smalls and the Hallelujah Singers

Thursday, March 29
8am - 4pm - Advance and On-Site Registration
8am - 5pm - Graduate Programs & Employment Opportunities Room
9 - 10am - Lecture: "Women Who Left a Legacy" by Barbara Perry
9- 10:30am - Panel: "Eastern United States Vernacular Stoneware Traditions" - Mark Shapiro [m], John A. Burrison, H. Eugene Comstack, and Charles Zug
9am - 12pm - Simultaneous Demonstrations: Tré Arenz, Sergei Isupov, Susanne Stephenson, Pt. I
9am - 5pm - Corporate/Non-profit Exhibits/ NCECA Booth
9am - 5pm - Silent Auction/NCECA Endowment Benefit
10am - 12pm - Kiln Doctors: Mark Ward, and Conrad Snider
10am - 4pm - International Slide Forum
10am - 4pm - Graduate Students Slide Forum
10am - 5pm - NCECA Fellowship Fund Cups Exhibit
10am - 6pm - Documentaries on the Ceramic Arts: "A Century of Ceramics on Film & Video"
10:30am - 12pm - Panel: "Clay in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" - Tony Merino [m], Steven Goldate, Marek Cecula, and C. Edward Arrington
11am - 12pm - Lecture: "Marketing Your Work" by Wendy Rosen
12 - 1pm - First Members' Business Meeting
1- 2pm - Lecture: "Stable Glazes for Functional Pottery" by John F. Hesselberth
1:30 - 3pm - Panel: "The Ceramic Realists: Trompe Louie, Louie" - Ron Kuchta [m], David Furman, Marilyn Levine, Richard Shaw, and Victor Spinski
1:30 - 3pm - Lecture: "Shared Traditions: North Carolina Folk and Studio Potters" -
Andrew Glasgow and Charlotte Brown
2 - 4pm - Equipment Doctors - TBA
2 - 5pm - Simultaneous Demonstrations: Cynthia Bringle, Sandi Pierantozzi, Peter Pinnell, Pt. II
2:30 - 3:30pm - Lecture: "Korean Ceramics: Tradition and Beyond" by Yoonchung Kim
3:30- 5pm - Slide Presentations by Demonstrators: Tré Arenz, Sergei Isupov, Susanne Stephenson, Pt. I
4 - 5:30pm - Panel: "Perspectives on Ceramic Curriculum: K-12 and Beyond" - Paul Bolin [m], B. Stephen Carpenter, Kendra Conn, and Billie Sessions
4 - 5:30pm - NCECA Connections, a dialogue among the various constituent groups -Breakout groups TBA
7:30 - 9:00pm - The Randall Session: Coleman Barks, poet

Friday, March 30
8am -2pm - NCECA Fellowship Fund Cup Sale
8am - 3:30pm - Advance and On-site Registration
8am - 5pm - Graduate Programs & Employment Opportunities Room
9 - 10am - Lecture: "Appropriate Technology in Developing Countries" by Manny Hernandez
9 - 10:30am - Panel: "Figuring out the Figurine" - Anne Perrigo [m], Joy S. Kasson, Keith Smith, and Patti Warashina
9 - 10:30am - Slide Presentations by Demonstrators: Cynthia Bringle, Sandi Pierantozzi, Peter Pinnell, Pt. II
9am - 12pm - Simultaneous Demonstrations: Tré Arenz, Sergei Isupov, Susanne Stephenson, Pt. II
9am - 4pm - Silent Auction/NCECA Endowment Benefit
9am - 5pm - Corporate/Non-profit Exhibits/ NCECA Booth
10am - 3:30pm - K-12 Slide Forum
10am - 4pm - International Slide Forum
10am - 4pm - Graduate Students Slide Forum
10am - 6pm - Documentaries on the Ceramic Arts: "A Century of Ceramics on Film & Video"
10:30am - 12:30pm - Glaze Doctors: Ian Currie and Pamela Vandiver
11am - 12:30pm - Lecture: "Wood-Fired Ceramics: Contemporary Interpretations" by Coll Minogue and Robert Sanderson
11am - 12:30pm - Panel: "The Fine Art of Teaching Throwing" - Jim Lorio [m], Clary Illian, Joyce Michaud, and Phil Rogers
1 - 2:30pm - Panel: "Vessel Threshold" - James Lawton [m], panelists TBA
2 - 3pm - Lecture: "Contradictions in Harmony: Japanese Contemporary Ceramics" by Sadashi Inuzuka
2 - 5pm - Simultaneous Demonstrations: Cynthia Bringle, Sandi Pierantozzi, Peter Pinnell, Pt. II
3:30 - 5pm - Panel: "Installation: Beyond the Physical Substance" - Holly Hanessian [m], Bill Gilbert, Rebecca Hutchinson, Denise Pelletier, Kitty Ross
3:30 - 5pm - Topical Discussions - Breakout groups - TBA
9pm - 1am - Annual Dance - The Cactus Groove Band (sponsored by "Clay Times Magazine")

Saturday, March 31
8 - 10am - Registration
9 - 10:30am - Emerging Artists: Kosmas Ballis, Gow Hwei Chen, Adelaide S. Paul, Bonnie Seeman, Tip Toland, Geoffrey Wheeler
10:45- 11:45am - Second Members' Business Meeting
12 - 1pm - Closing Presentation: Ron Nagle
1:15 -2:15pm - Open Board Meeting
1:30 - 5:30pm - Shuttles/Tours to selected exhibition sites.

The event is open to the public. Day passes can be purchased: Mar. 28 for $30; Mar. 29 & 30 for $55; and Mar. 31 is $30. The Friday night dance is $20. Most of the activity happens on Thur. and Fri. All the exhibitions are free except for the Mint Museums. They are reducing their regular admission by $1.00 for conference attendees. Adult 4 day membership and registration fee is $150, Student $105. After Mar. 10, a late fee of $15 will be assessed on the total conference fee. Contact Regina Brown at NCECA at 1/800/99N-CECA; fax at 541/347-7076; or on the web at (http://www.nceca.net).

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