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March Issue 2002

ArtWorks Collection in Mt. Pleasant, SC, Features Works by George McClancy

The Chase Gallery at The ArtWorks Collection in Mt. Pleasant, SC, will present an exhibition of the figurative, portrait and abstract works of George McClancy. The exhibit will continue through Mar. 8, 2002.

The work of McClancy has ranged from the figurative to the abstract although he is best known for his portraits, which have produced an enthusiastic following and are especially prized for their beauty as well as their fidelity. Donald Kuspit (Art Critic) describes McClancy's figurative work as being "pensive, erotic and detached at once, objects of desire indifferent to the desire they arouse. And yet at the same time, they are impressionistically rendered figures, instantly perceived, spontaneously grasped and coolly transposed to paper, their flesh neutralized into art". Kuspit feels that McClancy's abstract works reflect a performing art and seem to derive from the particular brilliance of the moment, "the immediacy over touch and the precision of the brush stroke suggest an affinity with the improvisational methods of a jazz musician." The exhibit will feature selected portraits from private collections, decorative abstracts, and charcoal nudes.

"There is a special flavor to the coast of South Carolina," says McClancy. "When I walk the beaches, at dawn or at dusk, I will always experience moments of unique beauty. The light and the air seem peculiar to the region, and the color, and even the wind and the sound of the surf all contribute to this effect. I have spent forty years elsewhere and ever longing to return here to regain such moments, and wondering, as I did in my youth, why anyone would choose to live anywhere else escapes me."

"Now I am back, at least for a little while, and as I contemplate landscape and seascape, with a view to producing drawings and paintings, I realize how much the beaches and the marshes formed me as a young artist and how much I have carried the traces of youthful joys all through my life."

McClancy holds advanced degrees in art and philosophy and has taught widely in both disciplines. Formerly the director of the Brooklyn Museum of Art School, McClancy is now a Professor Emeritus of art and critical thinking at Empire State College, State University of NY. He lives in the Lower Hudson Valley and spends his winters on the SC Coast. His work is found in many fine collections including: Chase Bank, NYC, and the University of Notre Dame, IN.

For more information check our SC Commercial Gallery listings or call the gallery at 843/971-5900.

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