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March Issue 2002

Patricia Madison Lusk Gallery in Charleston, SC, Presents Palms & Ponds Exhibit

Palms and Ponds is the theme for the new exhibition by Patricia Madison Lusk on view Mar. 1 through May 1, 2002, at the Patricia Madison Lusk Gallery in Charleston, SC.

Known for her versatility in subject and color palette, Lusk's new show invites you to enjoy the drama of palms as they play in the shadows and light. In one piece titled Ballet of the Palms, the palm fronds drape like ribbons. Lusk comments, "The feel of the show to me is the dance. The ribbon-like fronds are like musical notes. They're fun and lyrical and create movement."

The palms have qualities of the masculine and feminine. Lusk continues, "The trunk is strong and stoic and solid, while the fronds can be delicate and silky." The light itself in her work can be gentle and intimate such as the palm painting titled Fan Dancer. Lusk says, "I love the moment when the frond starts opening. It has a curl that has a snap to it that's almost like a fan dancer. I love the unfurled shape, almost like a cocoon. A tree is a beautiful shape. I could stare at it for hours."

Also included in the show are the ponds and marshes of the Lowcountry threaded with their magical quality of light. Of one piece called Morning Song, Lusk says, "The marsh looks different every time I look at it. I like to paint morning because it is the first light, the first glow. The attraction to me is the light, the way it spills all over the landscape. I look for the contrast and drama in the shapes and shadows."

Whether Lusk is painting the soft morning light or bold red sunsets, she is always confident in her use of color. She remarks, "Color is light. To me it's about painting light. The light creates the color which in turn creates the mood. When I really want to paint something, it first has to take my breath away. My heart seems to stop. I want to let the painting paint itself. I try to hear what it has to say."

Of a painting titled White Light, Lusk adds, "I am always amazed at the vastness of the earth and the clear sky. The marsh is serene and calming, yet constantly moving and changing."

As the marsh changes from day to day, so does Lusk's vision, with lots of variety and unique color choices.

For more information check our SC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 843/723-9832 or on the web at (http://www.Luskgallery.com).


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