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March Issue 2002

The Wells Gallery in Charleston, SC, Features Works by Karen Larson Turner

Unveiled: Dialogues in Light and Shadow features fresh new work by Karen Larson Turner at the Wells Gallery in Charleston, SC. The highly anticipated answer to last year's successful show will be on view from Mar. 15 - 31, 2002.

Highly acclaimed for her Dutch-like still lifes, Turner has broadened her horizons even further this past year, concentrating even more on her eye-grabbing landscapes. In this collection, the artist says that she often chose to paint local points of interest under a variety of light and weather conditions. "I am intrigued by these effects, as they often reveal something more relevant than merely what you see," says Turner. This idea is revealed in examples such as her storm scene of Charleston Harbor and foggy view down Longitude Lane.

As an artist schooled in the traditions of the Old Masters, Turner carefully selects her subjects to reflect her constant desire to communicate with the viewer. Many of her works contain subtle allusions to greater ideas, allegories for us to discover. The artist explains, "We can see metaphors in the ordinary. Even in my simplest landscapes, I focus on the character of light, how it is most noticeable when shown breaking through shadow. As in life, there is a necessity for darkness to draw our attention to the light."

Turner has dedicated nearly her entire life to making her mark in the art world, as she has been drawing and painting from a very early age. While she is a summer resident of Martha's Vineyard, she paints most days in her southern home in Charleston. Extensively trained in the classical techniques of oil painting, Turner completed her BFA at Calvin College, then studied for four intense years at Chicago's School of Representational Art. Her striking realism and flawless sense of place reflect that training.

For further information check our SC Commercial Gallery listings or call the gallery at 843/853-3233. Images from the exhibition will be available for viewing on the gallery's website after the opening at (http://www.wellsgallery.com).

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