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March Issue 2005

McKissick Museum in Columbia, SC, Offers Exhibit to Chronicle Adaptation of Jonathan Green's Paintings to Ballet
Four  paintings by University of South Carolina art students are part of an exhibit that McKissick Museum is sponsoring through Mar. 19, 2005, in connection with the Columbia City Ballet's adaptation of Jonathan Green's works.

Titled, Off the Stage and Onto the Wall: The Evolution of Ballet, the exhibit captures the artistry involved in the transformation of Green's works from the visual to the dance stage. In addition to the silkscreen prints, the exhibit includes photographs and video of rehearsals and interviews with Green and William Starrett, the artistic director for
the Columbia City Ballet, and music featuring singer and actress Marlena Smalls, who will dance in the ballet. The ballet titled, Off the Wall & Onto the Stage : Dancing the Art of Jonathan Green, was performed in Feb., 2005, at the Koger Center in Columbia.

Green conceived the idea and did sketches for the prints titled, Torch Song, Casting for Bait, Dance Hall Romance and Beach Dance, specifically for the ballet and exhibit. Using those sketches and working under his direction, the art students created vibrant works, which will be available for purchase after the exhibit ends to benefit USC's art department.
For more information check our SC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Museum at 803/777-7251, or at (www.cla.sc.edu/MCKS).

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