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March Issue 2007

The House of Ahhs in Beaufort, SC, Offers Show of Chicken Art

The roosters are crowing and the hens are cackling, it's the exhibit, Chicken Mania, on view from Mar. 10 through Apr. 7, 2007, at the House of Ahhs, in Beaufort, SC.

Everyone will be flocking to see works by the funky chicken man, Ernest Lee, of Columbia, SC. Lee is part of an art genre recognized by major collectors and national museums as outsider art. He is most popular for his funky chickens which will be roosting at the House of Ahhs during the month of March.

Beaufort's own Chicken Man, James E. St. Clair (aka The Artist Saint) is proudly preening his collection of chicken art for viewing during the exhibit. Saint's work of chicken wings from childhood memories of chickens slipping and sliding on ice and springs forward to chickens in everyday frolics.

Cleo Chicklet will be making her debut, in a series of art created by gallery owner, Fran Sobieski.

Many of your favorite Beaufort artists may have chicken art that will surprise and delight you during the Chicken Mania exhibit. Strut on over to the House of Ahhs and consider buying some art; at best you will acquire a good investment and at the least, you will buy something that will make you smile.

For further information check our SC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 843/379-1800 or e-mail at (houseofahhs@hargray.com).


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