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March Issue 2010

Artists Guild Gallery of Greenville, in Greenville, SC, Offers Themed Show

The Artists Guild Gallery of Greenville, in Greenville, SC, will present the exhibit, All Things Nude, featuring works by gallery artists, on view from Mar. 1 - 31, 2010.

The AGGG artists will take the concept and paint, sketch, draw or photograph their interpretation. So the piece may not be the nude you normally view. Some of the group may take a different spin on the title of the show. It is always an exciting and eye-opening event when these artists are set free to have fun. You will not be disappointed in the outcome of the works by these members.
Since the Guild opened over 2 years ago, the members have had an opportunity to execute a copy-cat piece from famous artists. Some of the finished pieces were copied and others took their style and intertwined the idea, making it their own.  It proved to be quite an accomplished effort.

The members of AGGG also made a very large collage from a photograph of downtown Greenville. The photograph was cut into 20 pieces and each artist did their own style of their small piece. When all the pieces were put together, the outcome was amazing. The finished piece was 10 x 8 feet.
The viewer can expect this show to be just as exciting as the others have been. So please come and experience the avenue each artist traveled in this delicate subject matter.

The Artists Guild Gallery of Greenville is a co-operative gallery located in the heart of downtown Greenville. Over twenty local artists are represented in the gallery along with various mediums including acrylic, mixed media, oil and watercolor paintings, jewelry, glass, woodwork and sculpture. One or more of the artists is in the gallery at all times, demonstrating throughout the day and always ready to discuss their art with visitors.

For further information check our SC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 864/239-3882 or visit (www.artistsguildgalleryofgreenville.com).

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