The Franklin G. Burroughs-Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum in Myrtle Beach, SC, is presenting the exhibit, Preserving a Cultural Heritage: The Coffee Paintings of Reynier Llanes, on view through Apr. 23, 2011. This is Llanes' first exhibit in Myrtle Beach and will feature 33 pieces. These coffee paintings on archival paper promise to leave guests with a savory experience.

The surreal reality of these works is the concept was an accident. It was a tradition in Llanes' family to start each morning with a sit-down conversation over coffee. One morning, Llanes spilled coffee on one of his drawings and was fascinated by the way the sienna colored liquid bled into his paper. In Cuba, Llanes’ choice of materials was limited so he very quickly adopted his mistake and started using the Cuban espresso as his medium of choice.

Llanes was born in Pinar del Rio, Cuba in 1985. Despite the economic hardships of his country, he attended the school of art (Instructores de arte) and completed his studies in 2004. He began teaching art appreciation to children (8 - 12) while also painting murals with local artists. His murals gained him attention.

Llanes began having his work exhibited, winning prizes and nominations. This newfound fame allowed him to have his work exhibited in South America as well as Asia. He also became a mentee under one of Cuba's most recognized realist artists, Juan Miguel Suarez.

In 2007 Llanes starting working with renowned artist, Jonathan Green at Green's studio in Naples, FL. Two years later he was offered an Artist in Residence position with Green and moved to Charleston, SC, with Green and his staff.

"Each of the paintings by Reynier Llanes reflects a mastery of an unusual medium which is coffee. His ability to create a mood, atmosphere, and depth using a range of brown clay colors is remarkable and his subjects magically come to life in each one of the works," said Richard Weedman of Jonathan Green Studios.

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