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March 2011

The Showroom at Hub-Bub in Spartanburg, SC, Features Works from the Upstate Book Project

A free exhibit of the 20 original pieces of art used in The Upstate Book Project will be on view from Mar. 19-24, 2012, at The Showroom at Hub-Bub in Spartanburg, SC. A reception will be held on Friday, Mar. 23, from 7-9pm, giving the public the opportunity to meet the artists and to purchase the book, which will sell for $15.

The Upstate Book Project is a self-published book spearheaded by Spartanburg artist Bailie who used 20 pieces of original 2-D art to tell a story that developed as the participating artists created their work. In addition, each artist wrote about 100 words of advancing storyline to accompany his or her picture. Bailie started the project with the first entry about a girl who lived in a world without color. As the storyline progressed, each artist advanced the plot and provided a picture. From start to finish, The Upstate Book Project has taken nearly two years to complete.

Artists from Upstate South Carolina and the surrounding region were invited to participate by a juried process. The artists who published are Bailie, Andrea Marmalino, Vivianne Carey, Howard Solomon, Annette Giaco, Patty Wright, Bill Sayer, Sue Zoole, Thomas Koenig, Chip Walters, Isabel Forbes, Debbie Noland, Michelle Giles, Teresa Prater, Rich Ponder, Patty Allen, Sierra Damato, Caroline Harrington, Alice Ratterree, and Kimberly Christopher.

“This has been a labor of love for so many people,” Bailie said. “Along the way, I grew personally. I thought I was doing it to stay busy and creative and involved. All those things happened, but I also found out I did it as part of the grieving process over my parents. This is a story about finding color in life. In many ways, this is a story about me finding meaning after the passing of my parents.”

For further information check our SC Institutional Gallery listings, call the gallery at 864/582-0056 or visit (www.hub-bub.com).


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