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The Passport to the Arts Returns to Clemson, SC - Mar. 30, 2012

The Passport to the Arts returns to Clemson, SC, on Friday, Mar. 30, 2012, from 6 to 10pm. The Passport event is a multi-destination event designed to celebrate the art and entertainment found in Clemson. Guests will experience art, food, and drinks at five different venues in the Clemson area.

According to event organizer Todd Steadman, “Passport is a great way to be introduced to the exciting art community in both the town and the university at Clemson.”

Steadman, who is the former director of the SC Botanical Gardens, helped organize the original Passport event in 2010 along with the Clemson Arts Center and the Clemson University Lee Gallery. All of those groups have been involved again with this year’s planning.

According to Steadman, people get excited about Passport because Clemson has, “an active art community and wonderful venues, plus you get to see it all via a totally free mass transit system with on-board entertainment.”

Attendees are shuttled from venue to venue via busses provided by Clemson Area Transit. Each bus will include an event guide, art related entertainment from local entertainers, artists, and musicians.

Buses will run on a continuous loop to the venues which include Clemson University’s Lee Gallery, the Arts Center, the CAT terminal, and the Red Minnow restaurant. Each venue will have an art exhibit on view that is complemented by on-site entertainment, food, and beverages.

Tickets are available in advance for $20. Tickets the week of the event are $30. There is a limited capacity so tickets may or may not be available the night of the event.

For information about tickets and availability call 864/633-5051 or visit (www.clemsonpassport.org).


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