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March 2011

Wilson Arts Center in Wilson, NC, Features Works by Anne Hill and Roger Parramore

The Wilson Arts Center in Wilson, NC, will present the exhibit, Attention to Detail, features the intricate drawings of Anne Hill and the delicate glass works of Roger Parramore, on view in the Annie D. Boykin Gallery, from Mar. 1 through Apr. 7, 2012. Both of their techniques require great precision and attention to detail. This exhibit will open with a reception on Mar. 1, from 5:30 - 7:30pm.

Anne Frances Hill was an artist living in North Carolina who developed a style that is peculiar to her - cross hatched pen and ink drawings that were then stitched (“tucked”) and designed for viewing from 180 degrees. Her drawings were done with nib pens dipped into ink, then drawn one mark at a time. The paper was then folded and sewn in a simple technique called a tuck, and when pressed out, caused a three- dimensional effect. Two of her drawings are in the collection of the North Carolina Museum of Art.

In the words of Roger Parramore, “My love affair with the romance of Italian glass is evident throughout my work.” Light, fine, and fragile, it tends to focus on the inherent strengths and weaknesses of the material.

Fellow glass artist Robert Mickelsen writes: “Parramore is extremely adept at forming relatively large blown forms, and has sometimes been called the ‘human lathe’. The bodies of some of his vessels are formed of clear borosilicate glass with color being reserved for ornamentation, stems, and handles. The Clarity emphasized the sense of fragility, while the form leads to a feeling of strength. Roger’s vessels are precise and impossibly thin. The perfect shapes of his paper-walled goblet bowls and bottles are a testimony to his extremely high skill level. His highly developed technical skills and uncompromising design aesthetics place Parramore squarely among the very best lamp workers in the world today.”

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Center at 919/291-4329 or visit (http://www.wilsonarts.com/).


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