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March 2014

Allison Chambers - Mar. 2014 Cover Artist

Allison Chambers was born in Wilmington, NC. After graduating from college, she moved back to Charlotte, NC, and had a successful decorative painting career for 20 years. In 2008, she began exploring her true passion and began studying oil painting under Andy Braitman and Susan Matthews. In January of 2011, Chambers was selected to begin a three month artist in residency program at Braitman Studio. After this internship, she began teaching Fundamentals 1, 2 and 3 at Braitman studio.

Chambers has also studied with Kurt Butler, Angela Nesbit, Connie Winters, Ken Auster, and Libby Smart.

Chambers offers the following statement, “Because I love to express myself through art, the landscapes I paint are the places that cause me to take a deep breath... that take me away...that make me feel happy. My vision is to use color and texture to create a piece that can recreate that feeling...to give the viewer a ‘mini vacation’. The main inspiration for my work is the Lowcountry, but other areas I have traveled have provided great ideas as well such as Vancouver, San Francisco, and Napa.

“I create color and texture driven paintings on a medium to large scale,” adds Chambers. “My work has an impasto style and a great deal of knife work. I appreciate beautiful brush strokes and am striving to combine all these elements in my finished pieces. It is a joy and a challenge to experiment with color, and I do so by switching between a full palate and a limited palate. I usually begin a piece with a colored under painting and my goal is to achieve a derivative abstract interpretation of my landscape or still life. As a painting progresses, sometimes happy accidents create interest that could not been planned and materials such a turpentine can blur edges of reality.”

“Painting is therapy.... now that I have begun putting it on canvas, I do not ever want to stop.”

Chambers’ work is available at the following locations: Atelier Gallery in Charleston, SC; High Cotton in Charlotte, NC; and at I. Pinckney Simons Gallery, LLC, in Beaufort, SC.

For further info visit (www.allisonchambersart.com).


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