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March 2014

Charleston Artist Guild in Charleston, SC, Features Works by Susan Budnick

The Charleston Artist Guild in Charleston, SC, will present Local Exposure, featuring photographs by Susan Budnick, on view in the Charleston Artist Guild Gallery, from Mar. 1 - 31, 2014. A reception will be held on Mar. 7, from 5-8pm.

The exhibit features a collection of the diverse work Budnick has created as a self-taught photographer who was so impacted by the natural, local beauty of the Lowcountry when she moved here in 1997 that she felt compelled to capture that beauty, especially as she began witnessing the encroachment of development upon it.

Budnick was particularly struck by the light in the Lowcountry and how it plays on the landscape, making the exact same location look so different from hour to hour, day to day and month to month. As her work began taking her downtown, she learned how light dramatically enhanced Charleston’s architectural beauty as well, and often created interesting shadows and abstract lines, which Budnick has also spent time capturing.

All photographs are shot with a vintage 35mm camera without any artificial lighting, filters, polarizers or computer manipulation of the content. Budnick wants the viewer’s experience to approximate what she saw and felt during the creation of her photographs. To experience the local beauty of Charleston through the eyes of Budnick, visit the Charleston Artist Guild Gallery during the month of March.

For further information check our SC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 843/722-2454 or visit (www.charlestonartistguild.com).

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