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March 2014

Hillsborough Gallery of Arts in Hillsborough, NC, Offers Works by Susan Hope, Eduardo Lapetina & Eric Saunders

Hillsborough Gallery of Arts in Hillsborough, NC, will present Flights of Fancy, featuring works by Susan Hope, Eduardo Lapetina and Eric Saunders, on view from Mar. 24 through Apr. 30, 2014. A reception will be held on Mar. 28, from 6-9pm.

Three members of the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts have let their imaginations go with a show entitled Flights of Fancy. Each with different mediums; glass, photography and acrylic painting they have created a magical experience of color and form.

Susan Hope, a glass artist describes her ideas for the show as, “fanciful, eccentric, radical, resonant” and says that “glass in its many variations and forms gives joy to the viewer with or without understanding of the intentional or implied meaning of the creator. The movement of light through the palette of colored glass sends waves of energy through the viewer and causes an emotional response that comes from the depths of one’s being.”

“This is why I play with glass. It is an intentional effort to elicit a response in the one who is strolling by or who seems to have no connection to the world of ‘art’. I find great joy in encouraging, even startling a response out of someone… this is what we are about…energy, emotion, electricity, elation. If there is anything to pull one out of the doldrums and complacency of our modern world it is color. Better yet, it is rainbows of color in glass with light sparkling, caressing, shooting… perhaps blasting through the pieces, to bring life and radiance to a very stiff, hard and harsh reality.”

“Flights of fancy is the expression of joy and abandonment to the abstract flow of color and light through glass,” adds Hope. “Every color has a wavelength and the energy of light through it causes additional excitement that washes over the weary and refreshes the weak. Relax, enjoy…be enlightened”.

Painter Eduardo Lapetina, known for his colorful abstract paintings with imaginative titles, describes his process, “Perhaps because of my scientific background and my lack of formal art training, I have taken a lot of risks and explored new techniques. My textural surfaces are built with paint, many layers of paint, built up one over the other. I don’t use modeling paste or other fillers, just paint, straight from the containers, mixed right on the canvas. It’s a physical process. I apply paint in various ways, sometimes unusual ways – pouring, splashing, dripping, scratching, and so on – until I get what I am after.”

“An image arrived at through such a slow, deliberative set of processes appears as fresh and immediate by maintaining spontaneity at every turn,” adds Lapetina. “My work is guided through its material operations by intuitive processing of my moods, feelings, and flights of fancy. The destination is unknown until I finally get there. The title of each painting, then, ideally hints at both its physical appearance and the poetic ambiguity of the long journey that brings it into being.”

Photographer Eric Saunders says, “Flights of fancy, in relation to my work as an art photographer, means looking for the unusual and whimsical in both the natural, urban, and digital worlds in which I make photographs. In a sense, every image I produce is a flight of fancy.”

Flights of Fancy promises to be a visual fantasy of color and light, an opportunity to leave the every day world behind and ponder on a world of possibilities. We hope you will join us.

Founded in 2006, the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts (HGA) is owned and operated by 22 local artists. HGA represents established artists, accomplished in their fields, exhibiting modern and contemporary fine art and fine craft. Represented media include painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, fiber, jewelry, glass, metal, mosaics, enamel and wood.

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 919/732-5001 or visit  (www.HillsboroughGallery.com).

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