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April Issue 2000

Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC, Features Holograms by Betsy Conners

Betsy Connors, an artist and professor of holography at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will exhibit Future Gardens II at Presbyterian College's Elizabeth Stone Harper Gallery in Clinton, SC, through Apr. 30, 2000.

Connors has studied and created holograms for more than 15 years. Her expertise with the hologram has allowed her to pursue its use as an art medium, creating environments that are related to her own concerns about the natural environment.

"My recent work in holography has been involved with the observation and creation of works that express, in a traditional sense, a feeling of the natural world - specifically the landscape. I tend to work with large scale installations of between seven and forty holograms which sometimes use computer controlled lighting to create special effects," Connors said. "I am interested in capturing layers of information with attention to the play of light and wind on branches and leaves. Reflected also in the work is concern for the endangered plants and species on our planet and in the depiction of imprisoned fabricated future gardens."

A native of Cambridge, MA, Connors earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts and her MS in Holography from MIT in 1986. She has also worked extensively in photography and video, being appointed a New Television Workshop Artist by WGBH TV in 1976, and a research fellow from 1977-83 at MIT's Center for Advanced Visual Studies.

In addition to solo exhibitions from Boston to California, her work has been displayed at the international exhibition World of Holography in Japan, the San Paulo Biennial in Brazil, and in galleries in Germany and France. Connors has been honored by the Boston Arts Festival, the Massachusetts Council on the Arts and Humanities, the Council for the Arts at MIT, and AT&T's New Experiments in Art and Technology, among others.

For more info check our SC Institutional Gallery listings or call 1-800-476-7272 (ext. 8523).

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