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April Issue 2005

Cuvée Wine + Art Gallery in Charlotte, NC, Features Works by Amy Steinberg

Cuvée Wine + Art Gallery in Charlotte, NC, is presenting the exhibition, Alice in Paris, featuring a new series of original works by Amy Steinberg, on view from Apr. 5 through May 28, 2005.

Steinberg is a painter whose work is based on voyages of the mind, travels both real and imagined to far away places. All works are based on an imaginary trip to Paris as "Alice in Wonderland". Each painting is filled with bold colors and dynamic imagery.

"I like to capture a place, be it ancient India or contemporary Paris, at a precise and fleeting point in time," said Steinberg. The Cuvée Wine + Art Gallery is the perfect place to relax with a glass of wine and enjoy original works of art. Cuvée is unique to Charlotte with its European atmosphere and sophisticated menu. "I was inspired by this European atmosphere to create a series of paintings that take the viewer away to the capital of France!," adds Steinberg.
"Cuvée Wine + Art Gallery was opened to fill a void in Charlotte ­ something unique and different from traditional chain restaurants and bars. It is an open atmosphere that entices both the mind as well as your taste buds," says Cuvée wner/proprietor Emily Sangiovanni. "Amy Steinberg's artwork is a wonderful representation of what I want my customers to experience. Here you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life take a virtual trip to Paris through Amy Steinberg's artwork and enjoy fine wines from around the world!"

Sangiovanni has combined exquisite tapas, wine bar, and relaxing live music to create the hippest hang out in Charlotte. The walls are covered with original artwork including the new exhibit by Steinberg.

Steinberg was raised in an ethnically homogenous community in Idaho before moving to Hawaii, California and eventually Charlotte. The ideas for her current work have their roots in her studies of cultural anthropology and religion. Steinberg's artwork is inspired by the work of San Francisco artist Fain Hancock. She admires the tactility of Wayne Thiebaud and the masterful shifts of color in the work of Georgia O'Keeffe.
Steinberg's artwork may be found; in art galleries such as Soho Myriad (Atlanta, GA), Monsoon Gallery (Bethlehem, PA), and at local exhibits including Cuvée Wine + Art Gallery.

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