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April Issue 2005

Ella Walton Richardson Fine Art Gallery in Charleston, SC, Features Works by Evgeny and Lydia Baranov

A fresh approach to artistry will be gracing the Ella Walton Richardson Fine Art Gallery beginning on Apr. 8, through the exhibit, A Passionate Vision. Exquisite oil paintings created in the traditions of the Russian Imperial Art Academy by internationally known Russian artists Evgeny and Lydia Baranov will be center stage in Charleston this Spring. The exhibit will continue through Apr. 30, 2005.
This talented husband and wife duo bring new meaning to the word "collaboration."  Whether it is an urban landscape peeking in through a Moscow window, a Parisian square dazzling after a Spring rain, or an expressive portrait evoking such traditional Russian stories as Firebird, Evgeny and Lydia Baranov unite their creativity on the same canvas. Together they compose the values, harmonies, depths, and palette of each individual painting. Through their marriage they mutually create beautiful artwork that reflects each of their unique sensibilities.

The Baranovs met when they both worked as architects with the Institute of Special Projects in Restoration in Moscow. They both received their Masters of Science in Architecture from Moscow Architectural Institute: Evgeny in 1984 and Lydia in 1987. It is not only their talents and initiative to work hard that has brought them international notoriety; they both have a broad education in art, architecture, philosophy and aesthetics. The couple married and in 1990 immigrated to the United States. They now reside in California and travel the globe painting en plein air. 
Their portraiture, genre, landscape and still life works have appeared in many publications, such as American Art Review, Art of the West, The Artist's Magazine, and Southwest Art. Their paintings are also included in many public and private collections worldwide; corporate and government collections of the United States, Russia, Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Finland, and Colombia. The Royal Family of the United Kingdom, the Hearst Family, the Clint Eastwood Family, and the Russian Patriarchy, among others treasure the Baranov's powerfully eloquent creations. The Baranovs' expressive artistry and diverse repertoire showcase their own dedication in creating true fine art. They take pride in every piece they create together, as each painting is the result of talent, passion and their commitment to each other and to the art world.
This duo is a splendid addition to the Ella Walton Richardson Fine Art Gallery, which already represents an impressive array of American and European contemporary artists and recognized masters. The work of the Baranovs will compliment two other Russian favorites already on the gallery's roster: Aleksander and Lyuba Titovets.

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