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April Issue 2005

Nested in Carrboro, NC, Features Works by Susan Neulist

Nested, a fine art and gift gallery, in Carrboro, NC, is pleased to announce the emerging artist exhibit, Soulful Embellishments: New Collage, featuring works by Susan Neulist. The installation will be on view in the Wee Gallery, a Nested annex, from Apr. 7 through May 1, 2005.

Neulist's body of work features embellished collages which utilize a variety of media to create striking textile images. Her background in color theory clearly shapes her work; color is the driving force in these pieces hewn of rich fabrics and is enhanced by printing, painting and other creative applications. Neulist is an experimental artisan: One of her methods involves melting irregular fragments of sheer synthetic fabrics using a soldering iron and layering these with opaque shapes and colors to create brand new images.

Neulist continues to explore alternative modes of creation, such as combining paper and fabric adorned with yarns and threads using a needle-felting machine. "In my current compositions I am using more texture and complementary colors and challenging myself to explore striking combinations and new techniques," she says. In yet another innovative approach, Neulist layers several pieces of fabric then "couches" the multi-layered piece by stitching yarn or thread through the layers. The pieces, however, are organic by design. Indeed, Neulist's process is steady and soulful: "My work begins with ideas either from nature or from within and then evolves, guiding me as to what should follow. I try to listen to my creation and be led in new directions."

Neulist's emotional investment is evident in the final products. The creation process "allows me to connect to my inner spirit and at the same time allows my imagination and creativity to bring forth a feeling of balance and rhythm," she explains. And while Neulist's work is deeply personal, it maintains a universality in warm colors and stories imbued in the pieces. The immobile collages take on a dynamic quality as they capture light and imagination.

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