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April Issue 2009

USC Upstate in Spartanburg, SC, Offers Outdoor Sculpture Tours

The Curtis R. Harley Art Gallery at the University of South Carolina Upstate in Spartanburg, SC, has a growing collection of permanent monumental outdoor sculpture located across its 308-acre campus. The community is invited to view the collection at any time. Available to viewers year-round, these 13 works can be seen in front of the Campus Life Center, the Humanities and Performing Arts Center, the Horace C. Smith Science Building, Tukey Theatre and the Kathryn Hicks Visual Arts Center. While the majority of the outdoor sculptures belong to internationally acclaimed artist Bob Doster, other artists have work included in the collection as well. Those artists include Jim Gallucci, Daingerfiled Ashton, Winston Wingo, Dan Millspaugh, Adam Walls, and Hanna Jubran.

USC Upstate is pleased to debut its new Guide By Cell capabilities with this outdoor sculpture exhibition. Visitors can use their cell phones to tour each sculpture. By calling the University's access number 864/607-9224 and entering the number designated at each sculpture, visitors will hear recorded messages detailing information about each piece of art and the artist. Visitors are able to provide feedback by leaving comments and can follow this link (http://www.uscupstate.edu/uploadedFiles/Academics/Arts_and_Sciences/Fine_Arts/Visual_Arts/USC%20Upstate%20Sculpture%20Map.pdf) to download a map of the sculptures.

"Major museums and collections across the world are utilizing modern technology such as the Guide by Cell, self-guided feature at Upstate," said Jane Nodine, professor of art and director of the Curtis R. Harley Art Gallery at USC Upstate. "The flexibility and freedom of this form of communication allows viewers to access material on a personal basis according to their schedule and style of exploration. We are excited to be the first University Gallery in the region to adopt this technology, and it has already attracted attention of organizations and programs across the state."

For further information, contact Jane Nodine, professor of art and director of the Curtis R. Harley Art Gallery at USC Upstate, at 864/503-5838 or e-mail to (jnodine@uscupstate.edu).

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