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April Issue 2010

The Art Institute of Charleston in Charleston, SC, Offers Works by Julie Klaper & Students of AIC

The Art Institute of Charleston in Charleston, SC, is presenting, The Fascinating "Fasten"ating Fashion Exhibit, featuring works by Julie Klaper along with fashion & retail management students at AIC, on view through May 8, 2010.

As the presenting sponsor of this year's Charleston Fashion Week, and sponsor of The Emerging Designer Competition: Southeast, it is appropriate that The Art Institute of Charleston ring in the celebration with a fashionable and thought provoking art exhibit.
Students under the guidance of Lynne Riding, an artist in her own right, who is the academic director of the fashion & retail management department, along with award- winning young designer Ashley Reid, a faculty member at The Art Institute of Charleston, and Kimberly McHenry Williams, also a faculty member at The Art Institute of Charleston, have been working with their students to produce impressive results complementing the work of Julie Klaper.

"Working with an outside artist as talented as Julie Klaper challenges our fashion & retail management students to raise the bar. It has been a treat watching the students play off of Klaper's work to create a thought provoking and visually stimulating show," says Riding.

In one section of the exhibit, the students' work will relate the history of fashion to the work of Klaper. Comparison and discussion is opened as to the subtle, and, not-so-subtle, meaning of certain styles, details and fashions found throughout history.

Klaper says, "Women's clothing sends a sexual message in many different ways.  The obvious ones are how short a skirt is or the transparency of the material. But the fasteners are a bit more complex, serving a much needed function while communicating, in a more subtle manner, a different meaning." 

Klaper continues to say that buttons, snaps and zippers have been around for hundreds of years and, in some instances, have been improved upon to the point of obsolescence. But her work focuses on the realization that they have not been replaced because of what they represent, beyond their utilitarian function. "Unlike men's clothing, there is a sexual overtone to these devices that don't just secure women's clothing but adorn it." Klaper continues and surmises that even when the fasteners are not serving the purpose for which they were created, as a design element, they communicate the same message.

The Art Institute of Charleston, a branch of The Art Institute of Atlanta, is one of The Art Institutes, a system of over 45 schools located throughout North America, and is centrally located in downtown Charleston with the main campus at 24 North Market Street, and a satellite campus at Fountain Walk on Charleston's harbor front at 360 Concord Street. The college offers degree programs in Culinary Arts; Wine, Spirits & Beverage Management; Graphic Design; Interior Design; Web Design & Interactive Media; Photographic Imaging;  Fashion & Retail Management and Digital Filmmaking & Video Production.

For further information check our SC Institutional Gallery listings, call Paige Crone, Public Relations Director at 843/343-1223 or visit (www.artinstitutes.edu/charleston).

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