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April Issue 2010

Maye River Gallery in Bluffton, SC, Offers Works by Cora Rupp

The Maye River Gallery in Bluffton, SC, is presenting an exhibit of colorful and bold floral monotypes by Cora Rupp, on view through May 15, 2010.

While pursuing her painting career for the last 20 years, Rupp was also the Executive Director of The Art League, a 1200 member Washington, DC, area league of artists and its large fine arts school serving over 2000 students each semester. "I always felt that working with so many dedicated artists on a daily bases enriched my own growth as a painter and printmaker," Rupp explains. She now splits her time between Hilton Head and the Washington Metropolitan Area.

Since leaving the challenging administrative art job in Washington, Rupp has devoted her endeavors to full time printmaking and design, as a partner in Printmakers, Inc. She shares her love for creating art with eight colleagues in their large and well-reputed workshop at The Torpedo Factory Arts Center in Alexandria, VA. In Hilton Head, she is an exhibiting member of the Art League of Hilton Head and recently won second place in the Society of Bluffton Artist's judged show.

"Color is my first love and what my work is all about," says Rupp. "Exploring the many attributes of color - its subtleties and richness, its related values, its variations is a pure pleasure. My interests in color and with floral motif, pattern and the decorative arts all come together in this recent work. No botanical accuracy here; botany takes whatever form is needed to express itself and vessels tip, handles attach randomly, only dictated by where they reside in the picture space. These are one of a kind inventions painted on the monotype place and intended to celebrate the riches of color."

Rupp's work begins on a printing plate with oil etching inks applied with brush and brayer. Starting with a single color, she allows the print to evolve in both color and form and this spontaneity results in a rich and fresh look. After the complete painting is done on the plate, paper is placed on the wet plate and run through a press transferring the entire painting onto the paper (hence mono or one print). From here, Rupp's process becomes unique; after the print dries, the artist works back into the print with drawn and painted gestures and adds three or four additional layers of color and pattern.

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