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April Issue 2010

Sumter County Cultural Commission in Sumter, SC, Features Works by Jamie Caplinger

The Sumter County Cultural Commission in Sumter, SC, is presenting the exhibit, Facets, featuring painting by Jamie Caplinger, on view at the Patriot Hall Galleries in Sumter through Apr. 22, 2010.

Caplinger's paintings in Facets reflect an intimate view of the artist's surroundings that is at once familiar and inaccessible. This new body of work investigates the nature of personal narratives through the lens of various archetypal roles associated with her friends and acquaintances, all of which are military spouses.

Using photography as a jumping off point, Caplinger constructs and deconstructs her images by painting numerous layers that are repeatedly revised and reworked. She creates visual tension and depth in her competent use of highly diverse painting methods ranging from raw alla prima to more thinly applied glazing techniques.

Several works depict a seemingly closer relationship to the subject in shallow space-which is not as specifically identifiable. The subjects seem familiar yet at times inscrutable despite the apparent proximity. The angle of a models chin, averted glances, along with textures of hair, overgrown landscapes, and fabrics communicate a sense of longing in which a deceptive feeling of greater intimacy is achieved. The images reference the cinema in composition and a feeling that a fleeting moment has been captured, with the main action of the narrative existing outside of the image presented. By utilizing traditional media (oil paint on canvas) there is a direct, tactile manipulation of the imagery. This presence of the hand visually relates to the subjectivity of perception and memory.

For further information check our SC Institutional Gallery listings or call Booth Chilcutt, Director, Patriot Hall Performing Arts Center, at 803/436-2260.

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